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Cat nipped

Well that's that. L'affaire Damon es fin.


It was fun while it lasted.


Seriously, I haven't been that titillated by a Damon since Michelle left town.


Speaking of arousal, it's good to see the CHB got some wood out of it all -- he was able to work a 3-way into his column chastising Damon, the Red Sox and the fans!


Ah, yes, nothing like stahting the morning with some Triple-X Shaughn-a-porn.


If you think Shaughnessy's mean, you should see his moms.


So now what we do?



I've got a really good feeling that Beckett goes all stud all the time from here on out.


Yeah, well, if he doesn't soon then I'm going to send Shaunghnessy's mom ovah to pay him a visit.



At the end of CHB's story, there's a link to a piece about a Vermont man who got a 20 year sentence for public masturbation.

If only Shaunghnessy lived in Vermont.

I'm glad you worked in the CHB's article to the strip today, h.b. Today's article baffled me, even for the CHB. Given the badmouthing Damon did on the way out and Dan's knowledge of the rivalry between NY and Boston, it completely baffles me that he took issue with the fans.

Then he says the Sox "bumbled" the negotiations with Damon. No, Dan. We offered $40 million over 4 years, about 8.7% of our 2006 payroll. The Yankees offered $52 million, about 6.5% of their 2006 payroll. He took the higher offer. I do, however, agree with Dan that Damon's an idiot. He's now feeling the love from the Detroit FO and Leyland. They RELEASED YOU. If one of the 8 teams on your list had claimed you, YOU"D BE GONE. This whole thing has been completely bizarre.

Cats stuffed in trash cans,choked chickens,whats next??

I'll put money on Beckett getting shelled today and leaving the mound in the third inning with a pissed-off look on his face.

likewise - I'm not too sure about Beckett...

Good to see Damon still isn't hassled with having one of those pesky brain-thingies.

What goes around comes around, Johnny. It's Karma, dude. What do you expect when you go to the Yankees. Sure, ok...take the money and go, but there is no need to wonder why you were smote!

Does 20 years seem excessive to anyone else?

//Edward J. Johnson, 49, of Barre, who had six prior felony convictions and is facing an attempted murder charge in an unrelated case, was convicted of fondling himself in front of women at a church soup kitchen and a library in Montpelier in 2008.//

Nope, 20 years seems about right for this guy!

So, Johnny just proved he has no brains and no balls.

A man with some cojones would have come back and proved he could thrive even in the lion's den. Could you imagine how shitty "Gladiator" would have ended if Maximus had worried about the crowds' boos and decided he'd probably be better staying in southern Spain where he was a big deal hanging out with the chump change. The End.

Damon's probably right, though. He's a perfect fit in Detroit. They're both wrecked shells of their former greatness.

Are they gonna get two games in today? Weather.com says otherwise...

I think it had more to do with going back to NY to face the Yankees in a Red Sox uniform. The guy admitted that playing for the Yankees was the most fun he had playing baseball his whole life.

That and that old fucker Leyland talked him out of it. Leyland dislikes Boston as well.

Interesting observation, Scott. That never dawned on me but you're right. His fragile ego probably couldn't deal with being booed by two sets of fans that formerly adored him. Of course, that gived Damon credit for having the foresight to think that far ahead, which is a little bit of a leap in faith.

"Pride only hurts, it never helps."
-Marcellus Wallace

One down, one to go.

Beckett great through 6 again...blows it in the 7th...again.

PS. The Angels are beating the Rays 8-1 in the 3rd inning right now. So, we've got that going for us, too.

Every time the Sox have a real chance to make up ground, they lame out. No doubt they are trying as hard as they can, given all the injuries and AAA late-season roster. But it does give the *appearance* of a lot of the team wanting to go home early and just wait 'til next year... which gives a fan that cold, clammy (as opposed to warm, fuzzy) pre-2004 feelin'.

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