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Cancel the laser show

Bill (thinking to himself):
Who's next?


Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):
Even celebrity camel toe can't shake me out of this funk.



Oh, I dunno, hb- I'm thinking 'guess the carnivorous cameltoe' might be just what the doctor ordered this sleep Friday

I dunno, h.b. It's getting my day off to a better start...

of course, the first 3 'celebrities' I clicked on I had never heard of. *sigh*

On a lighter note,Natalie's on her way across the pond as we speak (unfortunately it's to the belly of the beast)

Someone on SOSH a while back suggested that if Pedroia was shut down for the season it should be taken as a sign that the Front Office was throwing in the towel.

I wonder of the Skankees would shut A-Fraud down if he injured his camel toe.

H.B., evidence of your soft porn addiction is mounting with every Sox injury. I don't think you even have a sober heartbeat: http://www.throughtheflame.org/sobercalc.php

Who's next? It appears Stephen Strasburg's camel toe has torn a ligament and the camel toe will be answering to the name Tommy John while it hangs around (heh) for a couple years.

But we do have something to be grateful for in Redsox land - Laser Show's nickname could have been DP.

David Clyde redux.

Bob, the Yankees are 12-0 in games without A-Rod this year. If they shut him down, it would only make them stronger than you could possibly imagine.

Does camel toe taste like pig's feet?

Not sure, what do pig's feet taste like?

Pig shit? The only way I ever had them was pickled and there's not a lot else you can pick up after that. Burning, maybe.

Pig's feet are big in the foodie world. "Trotters." They're very good if you just braise them first, then finish them on the grill. Here's the recipe for the braising liquid and dipping sauce (and yes, there's Sriracha):

1/2 cup kecap manis
1/4 cup sriracha
2 teaspoons salt
1/2 cup water

For the sauce:
3 tablespoons kecap manis
2 teaspoons sriracha
3 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon tamarind sauce

Anyway, beer cart time. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

The White Sox just claimed Manny off of waivers.

This should be good. ;)

This should be good. ;)

Sorry :-(

In the immortal words of Jackée: Ooooo, Lester!

Does this mean he can chill at the White House? He COULD bring his grille :D

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