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August Wilt

Well, looks like Texas has our numbah...


Yeah, and that numbah is 104 degrees in the shade.


It's like General Sheridan famously quipped, "If I owned Hell and Texas I would rent out Texas and live in Hell."


Didn't Sheridan also say "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"?


Yeah, who knew the Union Army outsourced their I.T. Support to Bangalore?



Lincoln said that Sheridan didn't have enough neck to be hanged. Our bullpen, on the other hand, is filled with giraffes.

And all this time I thought Lincoln was talking about Walt Williams.

Whatever. The laser show is coming back. All these troubles will be a distant memory in October.

I'll settle for an Indian with titanium ribs

good wit on that one! Still smiling from it.

Can we just admit the season is over?

as a Red Sox fan of longstanding, I think that we still have one "let's go on a run to get close enough so that it will hurt really bad when the rug gets pulled out from under us" moment left.

So, no, the season is not over.



Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

I am stepping off the wagon. But save a seat for me, just in case.

Pats season opener is only 28-days away...

At least the Sox will win the coveted "most games lost due to injury" stat.

Me and crazy hubby were at the game yesterday. Gave Dice-K a standing O for a job well done, only to see MDC blow it. Only just now getting over the post-game depression and ensuing heat-related headache. Good times.

If MDC were from Culver City.....would he be on this squad?

@rlh prior to yesterday's yak, mdc had only allowed 3 hits since July 1.



Oki-san, come back -
These round-eyd white-skinned, cock-sucking, motherfucking, flame-throwing, middle and late relievers are spoiling our summer* -
All is forgiven.

* You have to say it really quickly to get it doswn to se7ven syllables.

SDU - Soxaholix's very own poet laureate. I suggest from henceforth, H.B. and SDU now be considered the Red Sox's Bashō Brothers.

Awesome, Peter.

We all know that it ain't over 'til the last guy tries to steal second.

Drainage...DRAINAGE, Manny. You let them drink our milkshake again. The good times are killing me.

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