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Wisdom of the crowds

Well, yeah, everyone likes to hear that.. well, expect maybe Mel Gibson.


Seriously, Mel would say it something like this:

"You want a nice trade deadline pickup? Fuck you. You don't know what it takes to make a fan happy. I'm so sorry I ever shared a world series with you, you fucking fake. Switch-hitting catcher? Well you should go and fuck him. You glum cunt."


Note to self: Increase personal, daily use vocab to include regulah use of the word glum.


OK here's something glum for ya. TV ratings for the Red Sox have dropped 36% this season.


Nobody watches the Red Sox anymore, they're too populah.


Seriously, though, there's definitely a palpable sense that things are less intense these days.


I mean look at the drop off in SoSH?


And I know for a fact (on background) that one creepy fan site is down 20% in visits and 17% in page views year ovah year, and don't even ask about the ad revenue decline.


Hell look around, even here in the office trips to the water coolah for Sox talk are on the wane.


Yeah, well, conversely, my trips to the watah bong are at an all time high.


And my watah bong enhanced wisdom says don't fret ovah ratings and popularity.


Why's that?


Well, it's like this —

"If a homerun is hit in an empty stadium and nobody is there to to see it, where did I put that bag of Doritos?"


That reminds me... when and the frig is Frito-Lay going to introduce the Sriracha flavored Dorito?


Seriously, we're dyin' up heah!



Sriracha flavored Doritos?

I was wrong about the beer-in-road kill. THAT is the best idea ever devised by man.

Nice to see Garza throw a no hitter and get upstaged by Mauer. For some reason (maybe it's the success against the Red Sox, maybe it's the constant spitting on the mound), I really hate that guy.

Hmm. "Spitting on the mound." Maybe Mel can add that to his répertoire.

So the CHB dusted off his "the season is over/ I hate Theo" column again today. What's the over/under on when he pens the "I never doubted" piece? 5 weeks?

Also, why the dig at RI at the end? Did he get cut off driving home from a PawSox game or something?

CHB=Puddleglum the Marshwiggle ;)

Nice tip of the cap to Yogi

Mode 1.5?

Ratings and popularity conundrum: Pink hatters = site visits, tv ratings, and ad revenue. You know it, we know it, Theo knows it.

Personally, I am not watching much of the games right now because they piss me off and I am not so much into masochism. and because I am only a fan of the Pawsox in the way that they feed the Redsox. Keeping track of the games and season yes, self flagellation by way of the stupid box, no. But I am not one of the missing 20% on that wierd creepy site. but the red hat is fading in the salt water, so that makes me... oh, hell.

Yogi? I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Yoda.

Ratings, shmatings.

When Rachel Maddow took Fox News to task for their handling of the Sherrod story, Bill O'Reilly retorted "but we're kicking your butt in the ratings". Maddow then listed a number of shows from WWE Wrestling to Spongebob Squarepants that destroy her AND Fox News in the ratings. But she accurately points out that all it was is a deflection from the original point: Fox News fails where it matters most...handling the facts.

So, to NESN and Soxaholix, I say, you're no Spongebob and you're no Digg.com, respectively. And neither of you fail where it matters the most either...no matter whether people are watching or not.

in re: ratingzzzz

part of it is the AAA roster, as well as the fact that there were hockey and basketball playoffs involving NE teams, not to mention that the sox have made, by last count 17 trips to the west coast this year, so I don't remember a game that started at 7:10 anymore.

That said, I believe the lack of interest is simple overkill by the team and their media outlets. NESN has 1 hour before the game (1.5 hours on some days), and hour or two after the game and you can see it in 45 minutes or so the next morning.

Radio? don't get me going. Now a 1 hour pregame, which now involves a call-in component ?#!^) an hour or so after the game, Joe C. near suicidal every time the Sox go down by a run or two. And my personal bete noir [look her up], the incessant dropins during the play by play.


Lowe's welcomes home the first RS run

The Giant part of the order, if any batter 3 through six hits a home run, Den Drinkwater will give you a full body massage.

Something about Kayem franks giving somebody something "at every RS home game in July" Wow, how many were there, 5?

The silly Steiner Collectible junk

Go to see the Beth Isreal Deaconess paramedic behins section 12 if you are blowing chunks at the game

the 5th inning speed of a pitch

the verizon call to the bullshit pen

Shaw's specials for salmon at 9.00 a pound

there are more but you get the point.

It's cluttered and repetitive and boring and detracts from what is on most days a reasonably lackluster game.

on the other hand, I could be wrong, but it seems quite unlikely.



plus I spelled my name wrong.



Excellent analysis, LC. I can see your surly but lovable book now: Snow Falling On Fenway, by Lou Clinton. Forward by David Guterson.

Speaking of glum cunts, hello Rachel Maddow.

Check out Rick's Picks Hotties, spicy sriracha-habanero crinkle-cut pickle chips made by my brother-in-law, a lifelong Sox fan who shares a birthday with Rico Petrocelli.

Nice rant, lc. I couldn't agree more - although I sure wish I could get in on some of those hour-long pregames and Verizon calls to the bull(shit)pen (let alone an actual game) down here in Dixie. I wanna come home!

And yes, I'm proud to be doing what I can to maintain the page visits for one creepy site I'm particularly fond of.

Oh yeah... Congratulations on the no-no, Garza. You're still a fucking asshole.

I think Sriracha Doritos could very easily be on the horizon, as Doritos is a division of Walkers, which has some truly f'd up flavors in its daily assortment over here: Prawn Cocktail, Roast Chicken, Worcester Sauce, BBQ Rib... Brits take their crisps really seriously, and aren't afraid to innovate. For the World Cup, Walkers had a flavor contest, with representation from a variety of world countries: English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding; Australian BBQ Kangaroo; American Cheeseburger; Welsh Rarebit; Spanish Paella; Japanese Teryaki Chicken; etc.... Craziness!

HB>>> Perhaps Henry McCance is in the market for a share of a creepy site?

Ratings are down because of a lack of cleavage. Plain and simple. I stick around waiting for the Heidi segments and what do I get? Nothing. Lisa the temp shows up wearing a fucking overcoat. Total bullshit.

Hey h.b.: Rachel Maddow kicks ass. If you want to watch a glum cunt then tune in Glenn Beck every night.

ineluctible sdu mode:

mrs sdu and I chuckled at the empty stadium ... where are the doritos line.

re lc's rant against the radio call : I listen to many, if not most, games and agree lc that the constant in game advertising is bloody aweful. But the call is stilll great and the it's not so much that the games are lacklustre; it's just we keep finding stupid ways of losing them.

The maggies are still on top of the table by the way. But it is still July so.


Beck's on too early for me. But I love it when he's a guest on O'Reily natch.

Kaz: Serious question--

Who looked the worst in the Sherrod Affair?
a) Breitbart
b) Fox
d) The Obama Administration
(hint: it's not a, b or c)

**Fox News fails where it matters most...handling the facts.**

Sorry, Kaz, that's not where it matters most in the real world. Ratings and the advertising $$$ are where it matters. And quite honestly, the rest of the media are also in fantasy land, just a different one with different "facts". They all suck. Sorry if that is a bit too Clintonesque.

**Congratulations on the no-no, Garza. You're still a fucking asshole.**

Perfectly stated.

And he still has the worst looking facial hair in North America.

bravo, lc.
although my personal nails on a chalkboard moment du game is whenever a Sox player is pronounced "safe at second. safe and secure" by Orsillo. The game/team is officially secondary to selling out

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