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We're gonna need a bigger DL

You know there was a time, not so very long ago, where this whole Rib-gate situation with Ellsbury and the Sox would have had me mouth breathing and tossing invectives...


But these days I'm just resigned to the fact that in the end it really doens't friggin mattah.


What I can't believe is how Shaughnessy hasn't managed to weigh in.


I figured he'd be like a Curly Haired Great White with all that bloody chum getting tossed ovahboard into the watah.


It's probably a classic case of approach-approach conflict for the CHB. He can't decide who to tear into.


Does he go with the Ellsbury is a whining, Boras manipulated, pansy who lied to the team and doesn't fit in angle?


Or does he go with the eeevil Red Sox and their extra eeevil medical staff who don't care for a player's overhaul in their ends justify the means quest of the filthy lucre?


Yeah, he's probably just out there circling with his lifeless eyes, doll's eyes ...


More like rheumy eyes I think, but in eithah has case, here's to the 35th Anniversary of Jaws release in theaters.


Yeah, and here's to hoping the Red Sox season doesn't go down like the Orca.


Or worse — become Jaws: The Revenge, the worse sequel ever made.


Yeah, but if the Red Sox can somehow be like Michael Caine's character Hoagie Newcombe in that scene where he falls off the boat and then it cuts to him getting back on the boat *compltely dry* well, that'd be a good omen.



Little known fact- Ellsbury is now with the team.

I had the chance to see the 3 games in person in Toronto and he was out on the field at the end of the3rd game after Paps closed it out. I was thinking I'd regale you with stories of the three games in Toronto, which were quite good, but I realize that that is boring, so here's another approach.

Flying back to RS nation on Sunday night, I was in the US Customs line, a long windy thing handling every Air Canada flight to the US. I guess that included that 8:05 departure to LAX, where you would have to go if you were playing in the AllStar game, which, as it turns out I am not. I look up, and there is John Buck (C-Jays), All Star [?] cooling his heels about 20 people ahead of me in line. Buck travels light but is a big fella. I look back, and there, 8 people behind me is Jose Bautista (RF-Jays). JB travels a bit more involved, but then again he had a "guy" with him, and he was also taking his parents to the All-Star Game. pretty nice guy, as it turns out and good for him. Now I've got my antenna out. I look to the front of the line and there is A Gon (non allstar SS Jays) going somewhere. He is wearing a "Rollin' Stoned" T shirt as his travel attire. Can't imagine why Theo got rid of him.

Then I look up and literally four people in front of me is Vernon Wells (CF Jays-AllStar). Cool, I think. Then I look at his traveling companion. Holy fuck I think that guy looks familiar. Turns out VWells is traveling with--- wait for it---

Nick Green [Utility Jays, signed in June 2010, who didn't appear in a single game in the RS series.] I don't know if there is a betting line on this, but it would not surprise me if N Green is throwing melons to VWells in the HR Derby tonight. I mean why else is Green going to the AllStar game (no disrespect) with Wells? VW is a large gentleman, by the way.

Anyhow, as a long time ball fan, seeing four major leaguers within spitting distance (I didn't) was pretty nice for these old bones.

My conclusion is the the RS AllStars probably got hooked up in Customs, but the poor Blue jays were cast on their own.

Also, for a tram dragging into the break, the RS looked to have a lot of life. You don't realize it as much on TV or the radio, but their at bats are brutally relentless on the the other pitcher.

that's all I guess.



Yeah, well, that last time I came through US Customs, Usher and his entourage was in front of me. LOL.

Nice report, LC. Sounds like the old rumour that coaches tell A-Gon that the ball is a Dorito is true.

Regarding Jaws, maybe all those Great Whites are off the Cape to celebrate the 35th anniversary. Sort of a family reunion.

"Hey, Whitey, you're looking a little long in the tooth."

"Screw you, Jawnny, you haven't had a piece of ass in years."

All of Fenway Park was on the DL on Saturday thanks to the thunderstorm that dumped up to about 3 inches/hr (which is only a quarter of how your mom likes it) so fast it had nowhere to go.

Wow lc,the last "celebrity" (and I use the term loosely) I saw was Eric Mangenius about a week ago.

Nielsen estimated that almost ten million idiots watched 'The Decision'. Meanwhile Rome burns.

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