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Title goes here (if one exists)

Lisa the Temp:
Oh, hello my lil' runts.


Lisa the Temp:
Wait... Why so glum?


Lisa the Temp:
5 games back in the wildcard got you down?


Lisa the Temp:
Or are you a little homesicky-san?


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, I know what'll blunt the glum...


Lisa the Temp:
Wanna see Lisa in a bikini!?


Lisa the Temp:
Look! Here I am!



That was just mean...


And by the way, "blunt the glum"... That phrase is right on just soooo many levels.

heh heh. I still want to see Lisa in a bikini.

re oki, he stated 2-3 yrs ago that he had no intent to learn the local tongue. Stupid.

on a wayyy more positive note, Oakland will now be licensing large scale canabis farms, aka one big mother fucking basement with a huge lighting bill and no need whatsoever to worry about the smell. But maybe needing to worry about the security guards hanging out at the nacho box and hot dog roller down at the Circle K.

Go A's!

I have no sympathy for Oki. Paps vocabulary tops out at about 5th grade level. Oki should have picked up enough English by osmosis to hold a conversation with Papelbon.

Lisa is a damn tease. Maybe we should hook Oki up with a lifesize cutout of her in a bikini. Blunt his glum big time.

My IT dept. determined whateverthatis to be verboten




It'd be like when Peter carried around that cutout of Kathy Ireland on Family Guy. I can just see Oki with Lisa, pining away at Jerry Remy's sports bar.



If I wanted to see cartoon breasts, I would have tried harder to keep Johnny Damon and his wife around.

Hilarious, Kaz.

Plus the guy has his testicles on his chin...

HB, you are one cruel bastard. At least now I know what Lisa is wearing under the trench coat. I'm convinced Heidi is wearing a Sears playtex cotton mom bra.

//Therefore, as for me it is not possible to participate, it has made the plain gauze [gi]. Six [ri] it does, Arch center shear.//


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