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Putting it half behind

Well, this is about as unexpected as a pol cheating on taxes — Shaughnessy has tapped out one of his annual "believah" puff pieces.


Talk about a jinx.


Seriously, the perennial CHB "The Sox look like they are ready for a big stretch run" column is always ominous.


Yeah, it's like your phone showing you've got a voice mail from Mel Gibson waiting for you.


To be fair, though, Shaughnessy's onto something when he writes, "There's nothing crazy about the notion that this team can make up 4 1/2 games on Tampa Bay over the final two months of the season."


Yeah, I confess I'm feeling ass half-full these days myself.



CHB, the good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:

//It’s July 29, Josh Beckett has two wins, and the Sox are only 5 games away from a playoff spot.//

Interesting point. And one that backs up your thesis, oh pubic-haired one.

The bad:

//They have had more doubles than Don Draper and the boys at Sterling-Cooper.//

Guess you're getting in some Mad Men in between Golden Girls and Benny Hill reruns. Way to stay on top of cultural trends.

The ugly:

//Unfortunately, with 102 games played, we still have no definition. It could be a bridge year or they could be ready for takeoff.//

Well, that's showing the courage of your convictions, CHB. Way to take a side and stick with it.

What a tool.

...and glum at that ;O

Woah, hb! To quote the bard (er, well, sir-mix-a-lot), "baby got back"...now how am I supposed to focus on work?

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The CHB probably just rented season one.

Yeah, but everybody called Doyle Dane Bernbach "Doyle Dane" back then, so I can give him a pass on that.

thanks for coming to the party.



That's no moon. It's a Kardashian!

When I saw the half assed link, I expected to see a zedonk. I should have known better.


You're rather prophetic. Didn't the strip a day or two imply that the CHB would soon write the exact-toned article he wrote. I'd be able to confirm this but the link to the archives isn't working for me. In fact, I find that most often but not always that link doesn't work and simply gives me the main screen but without the strip. Anybody else have that problem?

And lobstaman, to be sure the zedonk would have been perfect for the half-ass. Good one.


I think that was a from a reader comment re CHB a few days back rather than in the strip itself.

And, yes, the Archives are often whacked. This is a TypePad issue having to do with having too many archives. I keep putting in help tickets on it and it seems fixed for awhile and then goes bad again.

hb - thanks for the response. Actually I WAS able to get into the archives just after posting my comment and I searched in vain for the comment in the strip to which I referred and thought I was losing my mind. If it was in a reader comment, then I feel better that I've apparently only lost half of my mind.

that's not half an ass, that's an ass and a half. As Joel McHale says, she's famous for having a fat ass and a sex tape.

Ass half full?

It's called a cyclocosmia, in case you were curious.

What kind of treasure can we next expect from the curled one? That the Sox may pick up a reliever, or they may wait for the waiver wire clearance specials, or they may call up some arms from the farm. Something to help show us his "courage of convictions" -(thanks Bob)

Maybe I'll renew my Globe print subscription...

BTW, the world's greatest pitcher EVER, Stephen Strasburg (you can look it up - all the media types claim it to be so), is now on the DL. He must have walked past a TV with a Redsox broadcast on the screen.

I heard he strained his shoulder at the store when he picked up some bread and lox.

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