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Well, dropping 3 of 4 at home before heading out on a 10-day trip to the West Coast is what one might call "ominous."


Yeah, you want ominous? We are already seeing the 2011 Team Outlook and Sox as Sellers threads at SoSH.


Yep, it's ominous alright, like watching the blue gray line of German troops crossing the Rhine.


Still the the best looking uniform in the history of human conflict.


No way. Nothing beat the Afrika Korps shorts.


I mean you step out of tank in a pair of shorts? Fuck yeah. You're basically saying to the enemy, "I'm so fucking not scared of you that I can't even be bothered to put on long pants."


Well, if you want to staht talking about shorts, you won't find anything with more sartorially splendah than the shorty-shorts and knee tube socks we wore in the 70s.



Hey, you fags wanna play some wiffleball?

Great clip HB. Nothing like starting a Monday with some wiffle ball.

6 1/2 games back again. I think we may be in for a roller coaster ride this season. I am not sure if I am excited to have Beckett coming back on Friday. Sure, for now, I'm excited.

Greatr find on the video HB, but there is no bunting in wiffleball.

My back yard was wooded, so we had trees for bases and all kinds of special ground rules about ground rule doubles if it cleared a certain branch, etc. Balls that did not make it past the pitcher were automatic outs.

We played a ton of wiffleball in grad school, and I'd still be playing regularly now if I could find others with a similar interest.

We generally went with the "it's either a homerun or an out" philosophy just to keep things simple. However, we'd put a clothes basket set vertically on a chair to act as a strike zone/ump and we used it as an unbiased call on balls and strikes. Anything that touched the clothes basket, even just brushing it, was a strike.

The other thing we did, which really helped keep the tempo of the game, was buy lots of wiffleballs, so the pitcher could have a half dozen or so on the "mound" and then you wouldn't have to chase each one down after every pitch. This was especially helpful if only two were playing, of course.

Our wiffleball field had houses all across the outfield, so anything on a roof was a home run. It was cool, because left field had a much taller house, which of course became our Green Monster. Even though it was kind of a puke yellow. And the short porch in right actually had three porches up the side. That was our Tiger Stadium.

This ain't your old-school wiffleball any more.

Right here in Vermont:


Love the replica of Fenway in Vermont. There must be a number of Fenway Park replicas now. I know of one in Quincy, MA, as well.

more like om g



I recently visited a buddy of mine who I hadn't seen in over 10 years and the first thing he did was grab the wiffle ball bat and a bunch of balls. No hello, just a "you're up first". Our families just watched for a minute and realized we were worthless. We didn't even realize they left.
I got smoked, he obviously was still playing with his kids.

We used to regularly have home run derbys too

we tried to stack bikes and crates in left field. our own rag tag monster. it was the only true HR in the neighbors big front yard.

If it were true '79 at least one of those guys would have had adidas nylon nut huggers on.....as for the afrika korps...they are alive and well over here...nothing warms the heart more than seeing the Maltese cross trundle by....

Only a little ashamed to say that my track uni (replete with to-the-knee tube socks with light blue stripes matching the blue in the shorts) is behind glass in a frame hanging in my basement workshop - a commemortion of my win in the triple jump at the Penn Relays in the late 70's. Mom meant well.

Whenever I get too smart with the kids, they are good enough to remind me of that fact. Guaranteed to take me down a few notches. My daughter even took a second pair of those socks and cut the bottoms out to make leg warmers. The 70's were some funky times, man.

It's refreshing to read how universal Wiffle ball rules seem to be: object as an irrefutable strike zone, roof lines as a HR line, nothing past a pitcher is an out, etc.

I am sad to admit that a friend and I even used to play a game with specific lineups, meaning you had to bat lefty if and when Papi would have come up, righty for Youk, etc. Contrary to this revelation, yes, I have seen women naked in real life.

Really?? What do they look like? j/k ;O

Sorry,PF-I couldn't resist lol

Uh PH-Doh!!

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