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Obligatory post about him dying and what not

In the famous words of Doctah "Bones" McCoy, "He's dead, Jim."


Aftah all that has been texted, tweeted, facebooked, blogged, commented, crawled, and ESPNified is there anything left to say?


Seriously. The only thing left is for Suzyn Waldman to summon her innah LaToya Jackson batshit and call a press conference saying ol' George was murdered.


All I know is that we've come to bury The Boss and not praise him.


Hey, now, the CHB says we'd all have really liked him if we were, you know, as super a cool dude as the CHB and got to rub elbows with his blue blazered highness.


Ah, the unctous warblings of the sycophant. How sweet.



HB, Love the title. I hear that George is up for Sainthood.

On a similar topic, when John Wooden died I was sad but not shocked (He was pretty freaking old) But by the end of a week long marathon of Wooden lovefest on ESPN I practically hated the guy. I am 43 and ESPN has always been in my wheelhouse for sports but like I said yesterday.

ESPN is getting annoying and they need a nice bitch slap.

I've quit watching ESPN, except for the actual sporting events that the still occasionally broadcast. I get my Sox highlights and sports news online at sites not named espn.com.

Nice to see the Phranchise phailing last night. Had no right to be an All-star when guys like Weaver and Neimann were out there.

ESPN will be broadcasting live from Steinbrenner's reception at the Pearly Gates for "The Decision 2: This Time It's For Fucking Real".

With Bob Sheppard dying a couple of days ago, George will have the benefit of a nice introduction at the Pearly Gates.

Coffee. Nose. da kine.

Fay Vincent was great on Mike & Mike this morning. Basically said, "George was an evil a-hole and bad for baseball." The fill-in hosts were kind of taken aback by the derailing of the love train.

I wish that obsequious fuck CHB were there to write a first-hand column on Georgie's appearance at the Pearly Gates.

I can imagine St. Peter pulling the red lever to open the chute for the two of them to relocate to warmer climes. And I don't mean Tampa.

Oh - and to keep the beisaboll meme going, a big F-U to Hughes for costing us an extra home game this October.

Guess I have to give Georgie credit for dying at the right time:


Not that I am typically in the business of defending the CHB, but I think he was being sarcastic, as he is want to do now and then. He states at the beginning and end of the article that we would have liked him, but most of the article cites reasons why we shouldn't. Anyone with me on this?

So let's say Georgie is in heaven (not necessarily the case, but lets just say)... and he is looking around and thinking I want a piece of this action, I want in on the ownership. So he starts to talk to a few folks, who talk to a few folks. Yea, this will work, he'll get an ownership stake, start luring away the best of the best with promises of whatever the fuck you can promise that is better than a slice of heaven (two slices? with extra cheese?) and next thing you know he is challenging the whole shebang, telling them he is going to drag the whole place kicking and screaming to his way of doing business...

:O Wait... I think I've heard this story befoah.

This is not going to go well for Georgie.

well, he paid CBS $8.7 million for the MFY, so that's something.



Well at least he went of his own accord. If he made it to December, Hank and Hal would have had a real incentive to smother him in bed.

In 1998 I sat right next to Steinbrenner, front row, 3rd base side at Fenway during a NY series. Made a little small chat, he was nice enough.

Late in the game, there was a murderous foul ball, that came screaming into our row. This was a duck and cover situation for sure. And SLAM! it smashes right into Steinbrenner's seat. Too bad he had just gotten up between innings... Only to come down moments later with an ice cream, oblivious to the fact that he cheated death.

Just me thinking "Mistah Kurtz, he dead" after the first panel? Maybe I am too much in love with Joseph Conrad to be a reliable witness. :)

No tears here for Georgie Porgie, as Jimy Williams called him. And I agree with Larry E's assessment of CHB's column: the praise was sarcastic, not sycophantic. Still, an entertaining strip, as it almost always is. Carney L

I'll leave the rose-tinted obituaries to ESPN or the NYC rags.

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