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Lot of season left

Hey, it's good to see the 2nd half is stahting out just like the 1st half.


Last night was ovah befoah it evah began.


Texas sent nine men to the plate in the first?


7even runs — 6 of them earned — and 8 hits in two-plus innings.


Seriously. That ain't no Wake and Bake.


I knew the 2010 reboot of the Rangahs was pretty good and all, but did they have to go all Porvenir Massacre on our asses?


Good thing there's still a whole lotta season left.


Yeah but if the 2nd half goes by like the 1st, I'm going to all of a sudden wake up and find it's the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


And swelling of the gourds, don't forget that paht.


Right. Nevah forget the gourd.



Ah yes,the old swollen gourd ;)

Well, look on the bright side: the Red Sox won the last 8 innings, 2-1. So in match play baseball, we won.

(Why are all these straws so slippery?)

I was there. Not proud of it.



Great stuff today. The links are delightful, although descendants of the Porvenir victims might object to my use of that word.

Is it too early to remind everyone "there's always next year"?

I mean, that mantra got us through 86 years, so there must be something to it...right?

And "porvenir" is Spanish for "future".

Oh oh.

And "porvenir" is Spanish for "future".

Oh oh.

And "porvenir" is Spanish for "future".

Oh oh.

I'm wondering if Wakefield will do the right thing at the end of this year and retire (and given the way he's pitching, there's no way he'll break Roger's/Cy's 191 wins).

Reverse Gooch,Larry??

porvenir?... last night was more like the other famous Texas massacre. At one point, during the 1rst, I thought I saw Leatherface in the on-deck circle taking practice hacks with an idling husqvarna.

History/Keats and Baseball all in one place!! What more could a man want?

I believe a man could want beer cart, vasoxfan.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

well yeah there IS that Bob.

Oh thank God-
I was VERY nervous clicking on the swollen gourd link. I have nightmares of swollen nutsacks courtesy of hb from a couple years ago

Great win today. Plus there's this:


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