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Just take it

I'm not saying I'm resigned...


But with this many injuries and the team not really the team, it's hahd to do anything but just accept it.


There are beasts in the salt shakah...


From the backs of spoons come the cries of tiny tortured animals.


And somewhere buried under the Fens is a suffocating angel with flaring nostrils.


Wearing a Red Sox jersey.



Nothing like a little Bukowski influence to start the day. This today inspired by "The rent's high too" from Burning in Water Drowning in Flame.

Hopefully Lester can help Pawtucket shut down Toronto tonight.

BTW, if you want to vote for Youk (he trails Swisher by less than a percentage point), go here:


Oh hell; I dunno. Seems like the home plate ump missed a lot of Wake's actual strikes.
Scoot,Papi, Belt and Yook a collective 2 for 18 and 7 K's; subs and scrubs doing pretty well, eh?

Remember-vote early and often ;)

I don't know. They had enough spunk to try a comeback in the 9th. Give these guys credit for fighting through it. On to Toronto, I suppose.



I don't know. They had enough spunk to try a comeback in the 9th. Give these guys credit for fighting through it. On to Toronto, I suppose.



Just wanted to clarify that the tone of today's strip isn't meant to be down on the team.

They do have spunk. They are doing the best they can under the circumstances.

And it's those circumstances, i.e., the injury situation, that Bill is "resigned" to. The angel reference in particular is meant as a metaphor for how well the season was going *before* the injury bug hit. Consequently it's as if the hope, symbolized by this angel, has been imprisoned underground (allusion to Hell) and is being suffocated.

The angel can still break free and 2010 can get back on course.

Thanks for the clarification, HB, but it does seem like the Sox are cursed or something. Deja voodoo.

I'm content to watch LeBron dis New York tonight. That should take the edge off.

Why does the NBA never turn off? God, that is the most insufferably boring sport and I feel as though I have to hear about it 12 months of the year. It's still dominating the homepage of Boston.com and the Sox are in the middle of an actual season!!! (rant over).

I took your meaning exactly that way, hb, and am resigned as well. I hope/pray we can overcome, but we are about to hit the slog of July/August where the wheat separates from the chaff, and I just feel that sheer grit is not going to keep the wheels on. But I'll be riding that bandwagon til the thing falls apart under me. (Wow, mix metaphors much, Nat? ;)

One would think the world might come to a complete standstill for 'The Decision' this evening. It would not surprise me if more people in this country watch that show than will watch the World Cup final. Maybe LeBron will unveil a new tattoo to mark the occasion. Meanwhile the Sox watch the Yankees and Rays pull away on Heartbreak Hill.

This sums up the whole LeBron thing for me.


I'm trying to look at it this way: we're going to lock up some great deals at the trading deadline with the disabled list!


Whilst riding that bandwagon til the wheels come off, do you expect your gag reflex to return? Or was that yesterday? Just sayin' ;-)

LJ is a cocksucker.

"There's nothing to do in that town but masturbate and cry." We have a winner! I'll be looking for every opportunity to use this fine phrase.

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