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It's not the heat, it's the stupidity

So ... hot enough for ya?


Oh Bejezus Hussein. People are commenting in astonished, resigned tones about the heat every 10 minutes. Apaht from the heat, nothing else happens.


For some people it seems the sum total of their destiny is to mop their foreheads and remahk on the heat.


I can't take it anymore I tell you.


OK, then ... 3rd place enough for ya?


So let me get this straight, everyone is now injured *except* JD Drew?


Is there no justice in this world?


Well, just when I begin to think that, I learn that apparently, there is wee bit of justice hanging around.



Doug's first two speeches are built off a bit from Geoff Dyer's Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered To Do It.

I don't know what the frig Blohan has done to her face, but she looks about 40, with those nasty over-inflated lips and wrinkles and...oh, who am I kidding. I'd still hit it.

It's the blow... But I'm feeling really old anyway, what with Ringo turning 70 yesterday.

I can't believe the judge wasn't swayed by her heart-felt plea for mercy. I hope she gets out soon, she provides wonderful fodder for The Soup.

At least in here, it's a wry heat.

I'd like to complain about the loss lost night, but it's hard to rip on a team with only one starter in the lineup. So it's good we have Lohan to rip on today. You know, I can't even remember what she's famous for. Movies? Singing? Showing her va-jay-jay? Or is she a tennis player?

hmm, my comment got not posted.



So, the only way to stop us was to hurt us?

That's mildly impressive.

Perhaps someone should get to sacrificing some live chickens in the locker room. Jobu is not getting his due and is fucking with the Redsox. Shit, at least Pedroia and Tek's injuries came from actual play. Now we got guys getting hurt for just stepping into the box. Jobu is not happy.

No chickens? How about a Lohan?

Option 1:
The weather is cooling off
Lohan is hot
The Sox suck

Option 2:
The weather sucks
Lohan is cooling off
The Sox are hot

Option 3:
The weather's hot
Lohan sucks
The Sox are cooling off

Option 4:
I'm sick and tired of everyone bitching about the weather
I'm sick and tired of that self-destructive bitch Lohan
I'm sick and tired of that DL son-of-a-bitch

Gee,what are the odds Lohan gets a beatdown while she's in-unless she finds the right cell mate of course ;O

ok, I see what happened. hb saved me from total ridicule by somehow now allowing my "Hello Nuiman" comment to be posted. I just looked at BDD and see that they used that hackneyed phrase too. Thanks hb, for not exposing me for the hack that I am. am hoping to do some AL scouting this weekend.

honestly and prospectively,


lc, wasn't me... perhaps it was Bejezus Hussein?

Maybe Jobu doesn't like hackneyed phrases either?

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