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It's my dirt! Eh-heh! No good, but it's - it's mine, all mine.

So, is it possible to be a realist, and by realist I mean someone who doesn't think the the Red Sox have a Budweiser's chance in Saud to make up ground, and *still* be on the bandwagon.


Well, I think that's a case of not so much thinking of a metaphorical bandwagon as thinking more in terms of, say, a depression era jalopy loaded with all your earthly possessions as you drive West with the the Dust Bowl at your back.


Ah, like the Joad truck from The Grapes of Wrath.


Exactly. On the bandwagon? Ah... not so much. On the old, dilapidated, rickety and lurching truck for a long journey? Hell yeah, slide ovah and make room for my waxed smooth ass.


Heh. I nevah knew George Wendt was in The Grapes of Wrath?


Dudes, don't fuck with Ma Joad.


Ma Joad may not be too pretty, but Ma Joad would nevah wear a pink hat neithah.



Come'n'listen to ma story 'bout a man named Jed ;O

That sound you hear is John Steinbeck spinning.

Wherever they's a fight so hungry people can eat $7 hotdogs, I'll be there. Wherever they's a cop beatin' up a guy tring to jump into the bullpen, I'll be there... I'll be in the way guys yell when they're mad at an ump, an' I'll be in the way kids laugh when they're hungry and they know the nacho and pizza vendor is coming. An' when our folk cheer the kids raised on the farm an' sell-out the house John Henry built—why, I'll be there.

the red sox stink




"Heh. I nevah knew Johnathan Winters was in Grapes of Wrath?"

yeah, but we've all got the disease.



Hello chaps, long time no post... been crazed here getting ready for the big move to NYC (I have 3 wknds left in London and waaaay too much to do). Very excited to be stateside and on the same time zone as most games, although apprehensive about being so deep in enemy territory. I shall wear my Soxaholix-provided Sox hat (not pink, thankyouverymuch) lots in Central Park during dog walks. And hey, a new bridesmaids dress is a'coming in early August- this time Grecian style pale pink, so let's discuss its applicability for A-Rod and Jeter :)...

As to the Sox, I just don't hold out much hope for a season where the Citgo sign is going dark through the stretch run. Seems a poetic metaphor for the home town team, although I'm sitting right next to Ma Joad on the rickety wagon praying it ain't so...


Hubby's first baseball game ever, and my first game in about 2 years tonight and I got the harbingers of doom knock-knock-knockin' on my head. Please, baseball nymphs let us NOT lose to fecking .389 Seattle! @Natalie, you're going to miss Notting Hill carnival! Cheers for (almost) making it back stateside though, and not having to stay up til 3am to if you want to watch a game live!

@pseudo I managed to experience NH carnival last year. I lived at that time two blocks off of the main parade strip and it was INSANE. Never need to see it again. I had people peeing on my doorstep, full riot gear police on each corner and nothing to show for it but music I don't like played until 11pm at decibels that shook my flat and would deafen someone 20 miles away! (Wow, do I sound like a curmudgeon or what??? I am offically OLD) Thankfully, will be home in the States for it this time. But there is lots I will miss about the UK, not the least of which is the Tube (exponentially better than the piss-smelling NYC subway) and the easy access to Europe. Sorry we couldn't connect live before I buggered off!

Hey, I'll be there too pseudosanity! I'll be the extremely bearded fellow in a Red Sox cap sitting next to the tall, pregnant red-headed lady (it'll be our first Safeco Red Sox game since moving out here, though we have attended games at Fenway and Yankee Stadium).

They'd better crush the Australian with the hyphenated last name, even if it is the JV lineup.

Holy crap, what an absolute shit show.

Blowing a lead in the ninth and winning in the 13th makes a much better story, don't it.

BTW I laughed at jeff's sign-off (louclintonly) a lot.

how do I fall asleep with it 5-1 and Lackey spinning a no hitter and it turns into a 3:30 am shit show?


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