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If you get past the first bites, it goes easy after

Asked about his brain faht on not throwing to first Matsuzaka said "he didn't want to discuss it."


What's with this guy?


The mental errahs, the ongoing first inning hiccups...


Hiccups? Have you seen his first inning line?


Seriously, that's not a hiccup that's more like the dry heave I got the first time I saw the "2 Girls, 1 Cup" video.


The next time Dice-K pitches they should coordinate it with a 2 Girls 1 Cup Bobblehead Giveaway Night.



What, no link to 2G1C? Coward

When I saw that I kept trying to tell myself it was just soft-serve ice cream. it didn't work :(


Hah. I didn't link it more because the video was a big meme back in 2007, so I just assumed it was old news and didn't need the link.

I was feeling like I was a bit lame for reaching back to something that old. Rusty after vacation. This whole week is prob going to be the equiv of a Dice-K 1st inning.

Did anybody notice the subtle change in how the bg image works now?

If not, try resizing your browser window and see what happens.

re: the shirts ides from yesterday: gotta be available in camo, I'm thinking

Is the change that the image stays locked?

Is the change that the image stays locked?

as opposed to my comments, obviously

I hate days after holiday weekends. Especially when you walk in all dazed and tired and notice the three feet of new work on your chair that's due by noon.

But enough about my problems. Let's talk Daze-K. The man is a menace. To the Sox and to our mental health. NESN should have to run drug side-effects in small type across the screen whenever he's pitching.

If, by miraculous chance, he's pitching well, it could be Viagra side effects.

In re: yesterday's idea... do we have someone set up a PayPal account (I have one, but I am in London, operating in pounds not dollars) as was done for me after the fire, and then one person takes on purchasing the t-shirts and sending them to an address specified by redleghockey in an email? Would that work? I am not the tech savviest... :)

I refuse to revist 1G1C. My gag reflex (no comments from the peanut gallery) was permanently dislocated by that video.

That's good code, h.b.

Next up: iPhone and/or general mobile coded version of the site for us Soxaholix on the go? Honestly, I think whatever you just changed, it sped up my loading on my phone (which actually used to lock up my iPhone 3G to the point that I had to restart the phone if I was dumb enough to try going to the site here). My iPhone4 handled it just fine just now...but it's horribly formatted with the ads going everywhere and the whole comic shrunken down to try and fit the width with the ads (and failing).

Yeah, Kaz, the ads whack it on iPhone.

Spending my extra cycles on the Kindle project, so don't see a mobile option anytime soon. The RSS works well though on the phone w/o the images, but you can use your imagination there. It's not like the clip art is especially compelling. LOL.

Jquery rocks!!


and if the game lasts longer than 4 hours, seek bullpen help??

HA, h.b., good one.

But don't you know that the Kindle is dying to the iPad? I hope you're keeping the planned filetype as technology-wide as possible. ;)

(Yes I know that the iPad has a Kindle app anyways, I actually have it on my iPhone already)

I just realized I am the last person alive without an iPhone, iPad or a Kindle.



No your not,LC

three's company, lc

Make that 4 of us.

I have never purchased any Apple product.

Thanks all, but no need to send them, we'll pay, actually most I've met here would probably be MFY fans anyway....hopefully the new boss over here will see our symbol soon...a mudsquid proudly donning the classic blue sox hat, I'll send some pics

Looks like Men At Work will have to go Back To Work. Thoughts, SDU?


Yep when you include the Kindle App for iPhone/iPad it's the best distribution channel.

And it's not difficult to get content in the various formats, if iPad wins. Though I'm more and more thinking Apple won't be the last one standing in the phone or ebook market.

Besides, this Kindle thing is just for fun. Nobody is going to buy it, well, maybe Bob will.

I own 3 Kindle books on my iPhone right now. Total cost: $0. They were all freebies (and I got what I paid for).

You could have my first $1.

Shit. I just figured out how to play MP3 songs randomly on my damn iPod.

Forever 5 years behind...

sdu is i Vanuatu, wherever that is.



Kaz, hb & other iPhone users –

Download the Opera Mini browser (free).
It formats Soxaholix perfectly, ads & all, on the iP4.
Rotate to landscape and click on the panels for best viewing.

So far the best & fastest iPhone browser by fah.
continuing to lurk from the left coast (SFCA).


Awesome. Youk has 1B covered on our DL squad.

If only we had 1 more outfielder...


Give Nancy a little time. He'll be back.

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