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Gonna knock you right on the head

Well that was tough loss.


Yeah, things were going swell until the ump went all Judge Marsha Revel ovah Lindsey Lohan on us?


Except the Red Sox didn't deserve that fate.


Honestly, do any of deserve our fates when fate whacks us?


Seriously, just ask Shirley Sherrod.


You know, it's bad enough having to live through the most racially divisive times in decades...


But at the same time we also have to live through one of the best Yankees teams in decades?


I know they say instant Karma's gonna get you but I nevah heard anyone say instant Karma's gonna ass rape you.


Hey, quit your bitchin', at least we're not living through the worst ecological disastah in decades.



I'm pretty sure one of the signs of the apocalypse is losing a four run lead to the A's.

Ha,wait till they bring the. wolves back

Ha,wait till they bring the wolves back.

[in Mel Gibson's voice]" come crawling back to me, blow me, and then ask for forgiveness, in that order"



Ass rape implies that it surprised us from behind. This was like a full-on face rape.

I'm heading across the Bay to see this afternoon's game (on a $2.00 ticket -- the last time I paid to see the Red Sox play for $2.00 was, I think, in the early 70's!). I'll be wearing my Wakefield jersey, though after yesterday I considered leaving that home. Buchholz pitching, so the Sox have a chance if their Triple-A line-up can produce anything.

I know I've told the story before, but my most memorable time at the Coliseum was $1 beer night (A's v. Twins). Oh, and I took my then 16 year old son. That was, shall we say, a shit show.



at least the A's are learning from their stupidity. At Monday's game my A's friend tells me that at the baseball giveaway game, the A's waited until AFTER the game to give the fans their prize. Shit show minimized...somewhat

Sittin here in the rundown single wide on blocks (no skirting, 2 steps to the door where there should be 3), sipping the PBR, thinking "man, remember back in the day? way back in June? When we were winners? Right there running with the leaders, living in the luxury mansion on the hill? Asking each other 'Who on earth d' you think you are? a super star? Well Right you are!' Good Times, Good Times.

Then Instant Karma got us and knocked us off our feet (by swinging a big Bob Davidson dick at our asses)

Does anybody expect our bullpen - except for Bard and, some nights, Papelbon, to hold the other team to less than 1 or 2 4 runs? Fucking Oakland.

Does anyone expect our team to win more than 2-3 more games on this road trip?

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