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Chasing Rays

So is the ass still half-full this morning?


You know, I really want to believe this is going to end in a comeback fantasy.


My gut says we can catch and surpass the Rays between now and game 162.


But when I look at the numbahs...


Yeah, daunting, right?


Seriously, makes me feel like I just got pulled ovah by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


The Sox have to not just play well, but a very good Tampa team has to collapse a bit.


Yeah, otherwise come Octobah it's going to be the time of mists and bittah fruitlessness with nothing but a coupla shrunken gourds in our hands.


Seriously, we'll look back at 2010 chase for the pennant and think, "That was a real glum hunt."



I really wish I had learned to play guitar when I was a kid.

All the threads seem to be coming together today ;)

Daunting, schmaunting. Glum, schlum.

So there.

I'm with you, COD. Us horn players had to settle for handling our own 'bone

As a wise man once said-Chicks dig Tuba players ;)

'Do not be glum.'
anagrams to
'Good! Blunt me.'

you're welcome.



I think LC must have gone to Cathlolic school. His anagram is Cool Til Nun.

What happened after nun, LC?

Those last two comments had me rolling in laughter.

Cool Til Nun would be a great name for a band.

No Cult Loin woud be a cool band name too. And is also a Lou Clinton anagram.

Well, it's time for belated beer cart. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Sorry, just have to change my name from anagram boB back to annoying old Bob.


Plus, they're a bunch of COCKS.

Thank heavens for Collingwood. Sure they'll fuck with my head in September and break the 7 year old Sox fan's heart but at least they look like they give a rat's arse.

Was it the 1-run loss or the fact that Cameron struck out with the bat on his shoulder that gave it away, SDU?

I stopped watching in the 8th. I'm pretty happy with that decision right now.

Bat on the shoulder Kaz. I said 'FUCK'. But, as said, there was this:


Wrong link but the Maggies slaughtered Carlton. So.

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