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Sometimes it's the little things in life

Sox lose.


Celts lose.


Jesus Hussain Krishna, can somebody throw me a frickin bone ovah heah?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
It's Friday. You've got your health. And that bad boy's all grass-fed beef.


Fuck yeah, pass the Sriracha.



Mmmm, I can smell that juicy dog, and the four lengths of Sriracha layered over its bountiful goodness. Reminds me of the Sox when they play to the strength of their rsoter: pitching and timely hitting.

I can also smell the hot dog water, kind of musty and fetid, swimming with under-fingernail stank from too many hand dips. Reminds me of the Sox when the pitching falters and the team has to slug it out with an opponent.

Or when the Celtics stink up the Staples Center.

three little things...

Right Said Fred Said It

"You Jewish gals get hot for guys with beards, don't you"

The Sriracha bottles are missing the crusty half dried up red dribbles at the nozzles (yes, still stuck on douchenozzles)

Bud Selig is just a cornacopia of suck. Just when I think I've seen the limits of his asshattery, a new quote or decision comes along. Is the only way to get him out through a vote of no confidence by team owners (ala Fay Vincent)? How can this guy continue to suck at his job in some many unique and varied ways, with no repurcussions?

I so want someone to set up a good fakebudselig satirical Twitter feed (ala @michael_bay, @lucasvpraag) so I can at least laugh about this.

Jeez Doug,You wanna little cheese with that whine??? ;)

Under-fingernail stank? Jesus Hussain Krishna, Bob! I may never eat another dirty water dog again. :-P

And Natalie - your Palin comment yesterday evening had me on the floor. Funny as hell.

Teh Commish = Teh Suck.

I'm totally convinced that Selig is actually a baseball hating automaton with ablsolutley no love for the game or its players. I also get the inkling the pineapple up his ass has begun to rot and he's wafting his stench through the whole league.

Hope and Change, baby!!!

Amen JO!

People I would like to see cleaning up the oil spill manually...with their tongues:

Rush Limbaugh
Bud Selig
Glenn Beck
The morons at Citibank who fired that hot chick
Joey Crawford
Jan Brewer
Joe Lieberman
Jim Joyce (with time off for good behavior)
Sarah Palin
Benjamin Netanyahu
Kobe Bryant

I would have also included every executive at BP, Goldman Sachs, and Halliburton, but they would be too busy 5000 feet under the Gulf of Mexico junk shot into a malfunctioning overflow valve.

I've got so little Hope I have to Change my underwear from shitting myself from the onslaught of overall suckitude.

What a fucking joke. Not like I'm surprised.

Man, do things suck these days.

And my dog died.

I'm not a happy soul.

Kaz - please add the Alabama Republican Committee that put out a TV attack ad stating that an opponent believes in the theory of evolution (gasp!) and had the timerity to say that some stories from the Bible might not be 100% true (Blasphemy!!). Actually, put them 5,000 feet down in the tube with the executives.

You wouldn't believe how many times that ad ran on TV down here the last 3-4 weeks. I can't f-ing wait to get out of here and back to civilization.

My favorite cartoon of all time - The New Yorker maybe in the 60's: a guy leaning on a buliding wearing this sign:
"I am blind and my dog is dead"

It's happened before, like the beginning of the Iraq invasion, or either of W's elections: I cannot watch or listen to the news. I feel, like the people of South Park that time, that I need to bury my head.
Welcome to suckolopolis.

Exceptional cases make for bad law. If you start reversing calls based on video replay after the game has ended, where does it stop? Suppose a pitcher has a multi-million bonus riding on twenty wins, and gets 19 - can he go back and review every call of every loss/no decision and petition to have the call changed? Wouldn't he be able to go to court to sue if MLB refused, citing the Joyce call reversal as precedent? Suppose the additional win changed the outcome of a divisonal race? This is a path best not started down.

A negative TV ad? That's pussy shit. If you're really offended by blasphemy you need to chop off the perpetrators heads with a knife and show it live on the internet. Or at the very least stone them to death.

That's real religious fervor.

Alu Akbar motherfuckers.

Selig sucks, but he's right not to go back and make such a change in a completed game. It's never been done in any legitimate sport, there's no allowance for it in the rules, and the precedent would create a huge mess.

Cheer up mi amigos!

There is plenty to lament out there fo sho, but from the sound of things on this blog most are in good health along with their loved ones (save for a few canine loved ones), you didn't just burn up in India, the Celtics are in the finals, we have a baseball team to root for (how would you like living in Wyoming for example - no baseball), the female half of our society aren't in bhurkas, and the world did not just end no matter that the major news organizations all implied it would every week for the last 8 years or so.

My Mary Poppins moment is over.

You want to cheer up? stop watching As The Stomach Turns (aka Political News) - it really doesn't help you to be more abreast of all that he said,she said,THEY said shit. If its truly important, the story will find you, you need not find it. GO COLD TURKEY! QUIT POLITICAL NEWS! Congress will still suck, half of everyone will still hate the President, BUT you'll be happier.

and Go Red Sox, etc. etc.

Nice, Jeff. You said it, man. We've got our health, and we still have the power to tune out the bullshit and do the little things that make the world a bearable place to live.

Like invest emotionally in a bunch of overpaid scruffy dudes who swing sticks and run around in circles.

Jeff is a wise dude. And Bob's beer cart is a mere 3 hours away, so things are def looking up

Off to see the South Bend Silverhawks tonight in their cute little bandbox of a park. For some reason, Single A ball seems to capture more of what baseball is really all about.

Just remember everyone:

Cheer up, there's always baseball...

Buck, Bob's beer cart is almost over, and Bob had to work through it, making Bob very upset and screamy.

Oh well, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Thank you Kaz!

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