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Mistakes were made

Hey, Jim Joyce, BP's on the line... they think you might have what it takes to work for them.


Live by the human fallibility, die by the human fallibility.


This one sure seems heavy on the dying side. Jeez, I feel badly for Galarraga.


I love the pastoral, timeless nature of baseball as much as the next douchebag, but for fuck's sake can we acknowledge it's not the 19th Century anymore and staht using instant replay challenges for everything othah than balls and strikes calls?


Like Pinto says, the umps should have done that anyway in this case — "Sometimes, you have to do what’s right, not what’s in the rules."


Seriously. This is like fining Jesus for not wearing a lifejacket while he was walking on watah.


So I like this description of the Red Sox from Scott Ostler and in the San Fran Chronicle

"The tough part for the visiting team at Fenway is the home team, the relentless, intelligent and well-equipped Red Sox."


That's what we've been saying for the last 8 weeks, if you discount what we were saying for the first 7 weeks. Heh.


Finally, let's give a tip o' the cap to the Boston Celtics as they prepare for their 12th meeting with the Lakers in the Finals.


What a beautiful thing it is to behold.


So how's it feel to be living in the greatest of great sports cities in the world?


Well, the wintahs suck, but I guess I'll stick around for awhile.



A perfect game is defined as no hits, no walks, no errors. Not, "no blown calls." Do what official scorers do all the time: change the call after the fact. Errors are in the official boxscore, right? There are records involving fewest and most errors, right? Why can that call be changed after a game is over?

There is a 1 perfect game per season limit in MLB. Halladay had one last week. Too bad for the Tigers.

The look of incredulity on Galarraga's face after the safe call was priceless. Like 'you've got to be fucking kidding me'.Time for instant replay!

So I go to my college graduation ceremony some years ago, walk proud in front of friends and family, get my diploma. wow. open envelope to a note that says "Come to Provost's office" (no diploma in envelope). WTF!?!? Mood goes to hell, day is ruined, did I graduate or not?

Resolve bullshit charge of cheating, get diploma in mail 2 weeks later. Yea, I graduated. But the moment of graduation was ruined forever.

Galleraga may get this reversed, he may get into the record books, but its not the same anymore. On field celebration is never going to happen. A crying shame.

and now for something completely different -

Last night Mrs Jeff says "You know what I don't like about the A's? Those white shoes."


Jeff, is your real name Adam Wheeler?

Scott - last night would have been the third perfect game this season. I think in the long run Galarraga is better off this way. Even though more men have circled the earth in spaceships than have pitched a perfect game, for the most part perfect games fade into history fairly quickly. The perfect game that wasn't will live on forever though. Long after nobody can remember Halliday or Braden people will remember who got screwed out of the record books.

Jesus and the life jacket.

(*best Mr. Magoo voice*) "Oh, HB, you've done it again!"

Fucking shame about Galarraga. I blame the Steinbrenners... :-)

Jim Joyce had better not show up in Fenway Park as the same time as me any time soon. I will sit next to whatever base he's at (including second) and heckle him until I incite someone to take action...against him.

Jim Joyce was a great writer, given the dude a break he's only human.



Oh yeah. Hey Yaz! Mothra -no walks. Glad I took the under.

(Uh, let's not talk too much about that first inning though, m'kay? Hat tip to Hermida for doofing that play in the field.)

There's no crying in baseball - but there is breaking shit and throwing a tantrum in baseball. I can't get over how calm and collected Galarraga was through the whole ordeal. I would have wet myself.

Speaking of British Petroleum, H.B., today's headline is: "BP turns to giant shears."

Let's see, they've tried concrete and golf balls, why not shears? Heck, why not clam chowder? It can be pretty thick, and who knows more about the ocean than clams? Then there's the idea to just nuke the thing (evidently the Russians tried this once). I can't see any possibility of that going wrong, can you?

Thanks for the Celts reference. When I was growing up and the Sox were messing up every year (or being screwed in the Armbrister thing or Tony C beaning etc.), I could walk tall cuz the Celts never let me down. I would be a champ in one sport almost every year. Such early dominance made me a big C (and Russell) fan. Let's show LA what it is all really about---they'll never get it anyway. And we need Pedroia to get cranking and those 5 games will be nuthin!

why not Tampax? according to the ads in in the magazines, they are super absorbent, are practically invisible and you can go on living your life normally as if nothing ever happened.

"the winters suck" because we're up 3 season to none and can't close out the year properly.

F*ing Bruins


I heard the giant shears thing this morning and couldn't help but chuckle. You're so right, golfballs, robots, why the fuck not shears?

Nice that you caught the full intended meaning behind "wintahs suck".

Buck, why don't they try stuffing kitchen sinks into the pipe? Then at least they could say they've tried everything.

Thanks for the link! When was Stephen Strasburg walking on water?

Bob - Adam Wheeler - heh. Actually no. Got accused of cheating on a professor evaluation - 'splain that to me Lucy! Not even a hug and tears from the bastard afterwards to say sorry.

Hey West, Davidson, Joyce, Hernandez - I don't think you're doing a very good job! Hey Fuck U, that's cheating - no soup for you!

How is it possible to cheat on an evaluation?

"You obviously plagerized this from Biffy Dittmeyer's evaluation of me back in '67. Note how you both used the term Douchenozzle to describe me."

I don't have any idea. nor was an explanation given except that the date of supposed incident, the only thing done in class was evaluations. Provost finally said in much more eloquent terms, What the fuck are we doing here?

But now I am laughing with tears out the eyes - Douchenozzle - hahahaha. The next time one of my kids acts up... You little douchenozzle!

Dishbag works for me ;)

Joyce f'd up. No question. He was wrong. But he also did something right. He watched the replay upon returning to his dressing room, instantly admitted he blew it, and held a heart-wrenching pressah expressing his dismay and sorrow for his mistake and publicly apologized. Yeah, he got the call wrong but we should all act so honorably in facing our biggest and most public and embarassing mistakes. Leave him alone.

I listened the the apology, vermonter, and while I'm convinced he really really means it...he still really really blew that call so badly that an apology doesn't make up for it.

The issue I have is that the umps didn't conference (didn't any other ump have a take on it?). Pinto's idea has some merit too, but I can understand if something outlandish as "let's break the rules because the call is too important" doesn't jive with the mindset of most judge/ump/referee types.

The NSA has satellites that could call a better game than most umps.

@Mrs. Jeff: I thought white shoes were OK up until Labor Day?

ya, but they don't change their shoes in September, still white. too pretty for the diamond she thinks, and I concur - even when they get their unis dirty playing hard, there's those white shoes...

Speaking of BP...1999 All-Star game...Home Run Derby. You had to be there to believe it. Ken Griffey...gone forever.

ESPN is reporting that MLB may revisit the blown call?

He blew it, he blew it, he blew it. I'm just recognizing the human side.

White spikes on Easter morning is a cherished memory, c'mon Gene Tenace, Joe Rudi, Rollie Fingers et al, and then the crazy bastard gets white skates for the Seals, ahhh the 70's.....

Old time hockey ;O

Buck...literally spitting up coffee. Great inside-the-box thinking.

Just want to go on record here... Bud Selig is a dickweed-douchenozzle-dishbag of the very highest order.

So what’s better? A perfect game or the notoriety of having one taken away from you by a bum call that EVERYONE will remember (probably forever) plus this consolation prize?

Um, Rob, love ya like a brotha, but is that a serious question? You don't train and spend your life achieving at something for notoriety... that's for the talentless (Speidi) or the coke-addled (Lohan)... Amen to the need for instant replay (minus BB/K). Why is the game not evolving? I blame Selig (a go to stance).

Natalie, thanks. Apparently my sarcasm meter is running on empty. I should have been clearer with the post - in no way does a car make up for the fact that a blind ump (no matter how bad he feels about it) and Teh Commish took away Galarraga's immortality by denying him only the 21st perfect game in all of MLB history. Guess I was counting on the "dickweed-douchenozzle-dishbag" post just prior to carry my true sentiment.

Sorry for the obvious confusion. I need to work on my diction - Selig needs to work on his "dick shun".

Nice to be thought of like a brotha though. :-)

Rob in CT- Nope, it's my sarcasm meter that's low. I can usually detect irony well, but, well...Chalk it up to the fact that this is the third night in a row I got home from work after 10pm. But can we all agree that Selig is the antiChrist? (well, would be if Sarah Palin hadn't already taken that title in a runaway?)

And yes, it is apparent to all I missed the douchenozzle comment, because had I seen it I would have said... AMEN!

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