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It ain't right

So the anecdotal theory that the Red Sox and Celtics cannot both win on the same night gains more credence.


And I guess this means, then, that we can go ahead an pencil in a win for the Sox on Thursday night?


Maybe it'll help if they're not playing at the same time?


OK, so here's the deal right... I'm sophisticated enough to realize that pro playahs don't see the game the same way we fans do, especially when it comes to "us vs. them," civic pride, and the intrinsic tie between where we live, who we are, and which teams we root for.


With that said, though, I'm getting fucking sick to death of seeing Tom 'Justin Bieber hair' Brady rubbin' our noses in his Lakahs spoogefest.


I mean Jesus Hussein Krishna, dude is so crossing the line.


What the fuck gets me about Brady is how it's a one-way love affair with Brady and our ancient, blood feud rivals.


Of course you haven't! And you nevah will.


And I don't recall seeing Kobe at Gillette last January when Brady and Company were getting their titties pinched by the Ravens.


Who knew Tom Brady was a such a B-listah?


Seriously. I mean what's next? When Kobe wins MVP is Brady going to lay on his back and piss himself in a show of submission?



The Brady MFY hat episode was bad enough, but I sort of, kind of talked myself into the idea that it was because he was love-stupid for Gisele.

This latest bullshit episode I can't pawn off on being love-stupid for a teen pretty boy with an unimaginably horrid haircut. And kissing Jellybean Bryant's, er, "ring" to boot! Go back to the goat f*cking, Tom. It's better for your image.

Two Bieber items on two days. What has this world come to?

It used to be that you could look forward to the day an obnoxious kid singer's voice changed. Then it was over and done with.

But with Autotune, Beiber could be around until he grows facial hair or even until he gets a driver's license.

As for Brady, I don't like that he's sucking up to Kobe Beef Hotdog, but along with The 25, he gets a lifetime pass for relatively minor infractions.

Oh, going to the game tonight. Looks like rain starts at about 6:00 and goes all night. Any amateur meteorologists here that can give me some hope?

Shoulda kept Cassel.

uh, brady, hair, beiber? Can you grow a gay gene just by reading a creepy blog?



If you feel a gay gene coming on, I suggest you watch vid of Carrie Prajean self-pleasuring to get you back on track.

Very soon we will see that Beckham has been replaced as Tommy Girl's fluffer by one Tom Brady. Like following a red line through the city, it's the next step on his fame trail.

The Red Sox and Celtics haven't won on the same night since May 23rd.

Just sayin'.

Worst example is still LeBron wearing a MFY cap to an Indians game. It's one thing if you're raised in New York- but he grew up in Ohio. It would be like Manny Delcarman wearing a Jets throwback.

late to yesterday's new reality show - can we set it in the Bering Sea ala Deadliest Catch and have Capt. Sig chain smoking in Bieber's face all day long.

Bob, just looking out the back now. Looks fine, blue skies, no sign of rain, ... but ... hang on?

Skies are sunny here, too, SDU. Bob, don't forget your suntan lotion.

Oh, wait...

Rob - it just started raining in Sydney so moving the game downunder won't help bob either.

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