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Getting late early

So let me get this straight – the team built around run prevention has given up more runs than any other AL team? Wha?


Ah, irony, not only alive and well but making us a wear a ball gag in submission.


Only Houston and Baltimore are further out of first place.


Is it "still early," yet?


Early? Let's see... The Red Sox have only played 3 series against actual contenders, and they've lost all 3. Oh, yeah, it's early... we've got a whole lot more bed shittin ahead.


Getting back into this race means playing at a 100 win pace from here on out which also means beating up on the Rays and Yankees in their own pahks...


Doable? Yes.


Likely? Umm... How about those Bruins?



MLB's bitches

Looking on the bright side, I'll have a lot more time this summer to enjoy the sunsets if I'm not worrying about baseball.

Trying to be optimistic here...

In 2007, the Red Sox went through three 11-14 stretches, all in the exact middle of the season. In 2004, it was even worse: a dozen times they won only 11 of their previous 25 games.

From http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=Ao4ib.U.VhRu.JeHO3BbdqQ5nYcB?slug=jp-tendegrees050310

Of course, in 2004 we didn't have any expectations, did we?

sorry, cod, it's not working for me.



I'm afraid seeing Big Papi hit to taters in person Saturday night is going be this season's highlight for me. Otherwise this weekend really sucked.

Maybe this is the year that the Sox start slow and have an amazing second half (a la the A's) rather than the usual early lead blown in August.

Then again, go B's.

Sturm is out indefinitely, but Savvy is back. You allow Tuukka one 4-goal game per playoffs and he's put that one behind him. I'm hoping for a shutout from him tonight. 2-0 Bruins.

Also, treated water has resumed flow since 6 PM last night but they're testing the water and flushing the hydrants to try and cycle out the untreated stuff. Hopefully in another 12-24 hours they'll be able to rescind the Boil Water order and life can go back to sucking solely because of the Red Sox again.

I'm CORFing big time. See http://www.units.muohio.edu/psybersite/fans/bc.shtml

can we boil the Sox to get rid of the impurities?

only after we fix the gaping holes first

My allergies are killing me today. Or am I allergic to this team?

Good God; the Orioles? The Orioles??

Until your team picks it up, this will make you fuckfaces feel better:


I can't figure out which makes me puke more often. the bacon coffee lollipop or dropping a series to the O's. Tough call.
Go B's.

Looking on the bright side, those of us outside the friendly confines at least get to see a game tonight on ESPN HD from our hotel rooms.

Bonus: Everyone's favorite color commentator will be sharing pearls of wisdom. (Hmm. Isn't there a Family Guy marathon on tonight?)

Just when I think I'm out,they drag me back in ;)

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