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Cashing in

I was so prepped for the Sox to lose that I'm now too dumfounded by a win to say anything.


17 runs? Srsly?


I haven't seen that much unexpected hitting for powah since Elin Woods went berserkahs.


And now let's pause so that we can issue the obligatory baseball cliche —

Hopefully, they saved a little offense for the rest of the series.


Well, considering the lack of offense so fah, there should be a lot saved.


Absolutely. JD Drew alone has been saving up hits the way a friggin bag lady saves cans.


Your rusty shopping caht is overflowing Drewsie, time to cash some of that shit in.



Yeah, other than a couple of games, Drew's been hitting for the recycle.

(Here all week, veal, etc.)

it would have been nice to lay down a B's/C's/Sox parlay last night. You know, if that sort of thing wasn't frowned upon (except if you're in Vegas).

Congratulations on the promotion, Mike. Nice new office.

Nice to see the firepower last night. But really ESPN, was that whole Aaron Fucking Boone highlight really necessary? And that whiny little bitch noise Boone makes when he talks? If that's color commentary, the color is beige.

The score was 7-3. Then my wife says it is 17-4. My immediate thought was 'I can see the Angels scoring 17 on us, but how did we go from 7 back to 4'?

yaz, that cracked me up. Nice.

And, Bob, as always, did as well.

berserkahs. Nice. I can see that entering my vocabulary already.

My love for you is like a truck
Would you like some making fuck

17-8. That is pitching and defense right there fellas.

In 2010 a crack baseball unit was almost sent to the league basement by the Orioles. These men promptly escaped from Camden Yards to the Los Angeles series at Fenway. Today, still wanted by their fans, they survive as a 0.500 ball team. If you have nothing better to do, if no other Boston team is playing that night, and if you can find tickets, maybe you can watch the Red Sox. *kaboom*

I love it when Theo's plan comes together.

I hear Theo does like to go by Mr. T.

Er, I'm still a bit numb from last night, so's the husband. Call me when it's over.

Then again...MLBtv, you suck my unwaxed ass hairs...thanks for always dropping the signal and locking us out when something awesome was about to/was happening. That was fuckin' awesome. KIT, you chodesmoker. XOXO Kishes! MWAH!

saw a B's player get all tyson/holyfield, rollins/ainge last night!

Pardon me...do you have any Grey Poupon???

Lester. Eight innings, one run. Keep this up and things are going to improve.

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