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Whalebone ring

Mental mistakes, errors, injuries, meteorites...


So fah this season's sausage is woefully short of Sriracha.


This Globe headline covahs it — Sox Limp Home.


Back to the friendly confines of Fenway.


Friendly except for the "snake in the grass."


Hey, quit your bitchin' now. Haven't you seen how Dice-K is burning it up in his Triple-A rehab?


Our prayers are so fucking answered.


Why do I feel like Basho on the Cormorant boat right about now?



I effing love him!
(The poet Basho, I mean.)
Haiku day again?

Anybody else
See a very middling team?
July 31.

Well at least I have the Rockies...

Same record as the Nationals - now that is sad. I'm not sure who is more disappointing- Big Papi or VMart. I wasn't expecting much from Papi to start the year, but VMart is stinking up the joint on both ends of the field.

April tears arrive.
Ribs, appendix, wrist, Nancy.
Long fucking summer.



The Sox get shut out
Liriano pitches well
Basho had it right.

At least they will not
Get our hopes up by Summer
And then fail in Fall.

Heard 2 versions of this joke now, so I thought I'd pass it on to you all:

Big Papi was sued by Jay Z because he named his new Dominican nightclub "The 40-40 Club" (a name Jay Z already uses for his place in NYC).

(Here's where there are multiple versions) Papi settled out of court by renaming it the:

* .205/15 Club
* 40 K/40 LOB Club

Cormorant? Who's that?
Can he bat as the DH?
Damn, it's just a fish.

Lose the whalebone ring -
Big black bird needs chemicals.
Juice the cormorant.

Why does it seem like the off-season never ended?

I feel like I suspect Yankees fans felt last April.

WS title here we come!

Limp is right :(

Big Papi as a whalebone corset fitted on the team?

his numbers are worse
but no one says anything
JD effing Drew

here's what I know about JD Drew - 2 more years on the contract that no one else will take. He's the wet fart in your last pair of underwear, so you just try your best to ignore it.

We resent that

Not us. We quite enjoy it.

Boxers, briefs, or Depends?


Drew is not so much of a free swinger, so I am saying briefs.

They were 2-6 after 8 last year. They won 95.

But admittedly not super-fun so far.

Baseball is like life/
Infield, outfield, catch or pitch/
We all have wet farts

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Played two and lost two
Long southern winter awaits
Officially panicked.


I am mighty glad
Theo improved the defense
Only the tenth worst now

I am mighty glad
Theo improved the pitching
54 runs scored

I am mighty glad
Theo ignored the offense
0.148 with RISP

The Yanks were like this
Back in April just last year
Same fate for Boston?

Yeah this is kinda sad. I'm actually afraid of taking my gf to the game Tuesday.

Still no sriracha.


I feel like someone shoved a whale's boner in my no-no ring.

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