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These days are ours

Happy "oh-fer-25 with RISP" Patriots Day.


Do you think they'll give me my money back on my 2010 Red Sox Nation membahship?


Befoah we go totally Charles Stuart on the Tobin ovah heah, it's worth remembahing that last season the Sox stahted off 2 and 6 then ripped off 11 straight wins.


Why don't we just rewatch last year then and save everyone the trouble?


Yeah, the Red Sox can be like just anothah old TV show in syndication on endless repeat.


Sweet. I can't wait for the episode where Papelbon goes watah skiing wearing a leathah jacket.


The '09 club did win 95 games you know?


Yep. And then they went and got themselves laughed out of the first round of the postseason like a bunch of LOLCATS at a cheeseburgah convention.


Looks like we're in for a long summah.


When's Truck Day?



Go Celtics?

which will be greater? Total goals scored by the Revolution this season or number of RBI's by JD Drew.

86-76, barely passing the Jays for third place in the East. The season ended before it even began.

How's the season going so far? I've been to two games, and the Sox are 0-3.

Chin up, campers. At least you get to enjoy live baseball, still the world's best sport. The pleasureable bonus of being stranded in NJ due to volcanic ash this week is I get to soak in some quality baseball watching, even if the Sox suck, and Paps is jumping the shark...


Go Bruins? (gutted out a nice win over Buffalo on Saturday)

Oh sit on it,h.b.-just kidding ;))

Sunday's game was proof that they were trying to do everything possible to avoid adding to their 0-fer RISP stat...by avoiding letting anyone get into scoring position.

The only thing keeping us out of the basement is BigBri's mom and the 2-11 hapless Orioles.

Your next 4 series: TEX (trust me, it's Texas)/BAL/TOR/BAL? Lucchino couldn't write a better script: The gritty, fighting small market Sox come together and storm back into the division against all odds.

If I didn't know better, I'd think that all of this gloom and doom was intentional, because you know that the above scenario is likely to happen. It's perfect for you: Tom Caron will literally stroke Gammons under the NESN desk as the Sox go like 16-4 in their next 20.

Opening Night, Red Sox. Days!
Tuesday, off day, Happy Days.
Fucking Yankees, Ruined Days.
The weekend comes,
A bunch of bums,
Ready to lose for you.

Spring Training was,
Happy and Free. (Those Happy Days)
Beckett and Lester blow their starts,
Oh, Fuck me. (oh baby)
Goodbye blue sky, hello gray.
There's nothing left to Big Papi’s play.
Should be right, but it’s fucked up wrong.
Me thinks I’ll gets the nugs and just pack the bong.

Tampa Bay maybe?, Fucking Rays.
Errors and Strikeouts, Fucking Rays.
Hit with RISP, would you please.
Papi hits the shift, ridiculous shift,
What the fuck is wrong with you???!!!.

These games suck balls,
No nutsacks please. (They’re for Yankees)
These days are all,
painful for me. (oh baby)
God Dammit, May better bring better baseball.
Please Red Sox play good ball, then Happy Days!

Close the internet. It can't get any better than that. Bravo Jeff.

Nice, Jeff, nice.

By the way, we're up to 0-for-29 RISP now....Amalie Benjamin tweeting the latest streak live on Twitter...sigh.

6-0 Rays in the top of the 3rd. Even Lackey can't keep things close.

Tenth error so far this season. Pitching and defense, my ass.

What the hell, Theo? What the hell?

Seriously-are the Drays that good or.....?

right on Jeff...impressive.

Waiting for Pap's crazy cousin from Ork to show up to help turn around this mess.

It's seriously like watching a blooper reel. What the hell happened?

Ladies and Gentlemen,boys and girls of all ages-you're '64-'65 Boston Red Sox

Some wise person in this creepy group mentioned over the winter that changing the SS, 3B, CF, LF (Jacoby position change), and catcher (full time VMart) was just too much at one time. I dismissed it at the time, but I'm strating to buy in now.

Maybe they don't like Dave Magadan too much and want him fired. Yeah, that's it.

Well done, Jeff. Can you hit too?

I honestly can't take listening to this team.



I can hit as bad as they can, I'm sure of that. 0'fers with RISP? no problem, quite adept at that actually. Where's MY paycheck Theo?

Is it too early to be cheering for the Rays to beat the mfy in the pennant race?

bring out your dead

SDU - I think the dead are already out. It's our starting line up.

Wow. The Fonzie video cheered me up for a little more than two minutes. Thanks, hb.

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