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The 3-2 pitch checked in at The Cask 'n Flagon

OK, so I'm drinking the small sample size Kool-Aid and not giving up on Ortiz...


But that doesn't mean I will actually continue to endure his fingahs on the chalkboard at bats.


K K K 2B K 1B BB K K K K


And it's not just the K's but the swinging at two 3-2 pitches that are so fah outside that Gowalla won't let them check in at the strike zone.


Exactly. So from now until this slump is ovah, when Ortiz steps into the box, I will remote the frig out of Fenway.


Seriously. Momentarily switch over to an episode of always on some channel somewhere Law and Ordah.


I mean if you've got to watch a guy flail around out of his league, bettah Ice-T than Papi.



Last year's first Papi slap out of the yard was a great red sox baseball moment.

But if the mother fucker is going to continue to kill rallies, and even kill them before they start, I'd like to keep the sample size small and project a loss with only 1% of the vote in.

Heh heh IceT how short the public's memory is. "Lucy, did you know that black man on that law and order show had a song called cop killer? Naw, Ricky, that can't be true. They would never put him on the TV playing a polic officer if that were true"

Even before this strip, I started hearing the Law & Order "Dun-Dun" every time Papi comes to bat.

I don't want to get all panicky this early in the season, but I'm starting to accept that this is not slump. Ortiz sort of came out of nowhere to be a star. (Remember he was an unwanted free agent when the Sox signed him.) Maybe that star is destined to burn out just as suddenly.

Cue Hermida and Lowell tag team DH match?

Given that his productive career is over, I suggest he go back on the juice until he gets caught. Win-win all around.

Sad but true he is done. Pitchers are not afraid of him anymore.

Gowalla sucks.

FourSquare forever! Viva la 4sq!

FourSquare is located in NYC. NYC is home of the Yankees and Marty et al.

Gowalla is located in Austin. Austin is cool.

Gowalla wins.

Can't check in at Mousa Burger, Kabul. I can't believe that lack of pe drugs can make your hand eye go like that...maybe the shrink from The Natural, flailing at down and aways is a disease...

Watch out, hb. Ice T may come calling for you. He just had a flame war with Aimee Mann on Twitter when she insulted his acting. :)

redleg...are you in Afghanistan right now?

My MAARNG is due there in 2011.

You got me laughing on that one, yazbread.

I used to absolutely love papi. Who didn't right? It is so sad. I feel embarrassed for him up at the plate. He struck out yesterday once when he was ahead on the count 3-0 (although admittedly ther ump blew a ball four call). Hermida's still as hot as he was in spring training. I hope the leash lasts only a week more or so, because we can't afford any more 4-K games.

Hence the link to said flame war, natch. [wink]

Ah, that's what I get for skimming on my Bberry. :)

mmmm, cask & flagon:


He needs to get smart and drop a few down the third-base line, either by bunts or half-swings, and force teams to take off the shift... Without the shift, he could be a pretty good hitter, since a lot of his making-contact outs seem to be going to the second baseman standing in short right...

Colin, I'll high five you on the way to the C5, you'll love the place, Aimee Mann insults somebody else's craft?

Well,even downtown voices carry ;O

Oh sush, keep it down now Harwich Rich.....

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