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six, six ...

Monday morning, April 19th, the Sox are 6 games of the lead...


This morning, one week latah, the Sox are 6 games off the lead.


Different day, same ground.


Ah, consistency... the measure of a true winnah.


Damn hobgoblins are ruining my summah!



So, on one hand the Sox are playing .421 ball - which is close enough to 420 to explain A LOT about there playing so far. And .421 leads to a stellar 68 win season.

On the other hand, the trend to keep at 6 games back of the .737 Rays means we wouldn't even make the wildcard while posting a 113 win season. That would be the capital of suck.

6... our new left side of the infield has a combined 6 errors. Scott Atchison - 6 games, 6 ER, 6+ ERA.

I blame it all on the new road uni's.

This is indeed a team only little statesmen, philosophers and divines could love.

So far at least.

But not front runners. I'm fading to black.

Since we were playing the Orioles I got to actually see the games on TV. Even in winning we were not impressive. Had we been playing a team with a pulse this would have been a 3 game sweep for the visitors.

Papelbon will be the death of me yet with his lack of ability to have a simple 1-2-3 inning for a save....

Found myself standing next to Nuke Laloosh yesterday.

Nola- awesome. Did he announce his presence with authority? Breath out of his eyelids? Regale you with stories about quadraphonic blaupunkt?

Nola - very cool. one of my little enjoyments about jazzfest is that most times I have ever been standing around "stars" there, they are sweating in the dirt with the rest of us, warm beer in hand, smiling from ear to ear.

and occasionaly breathing out of their eyelids.

See you Wednesday. I'll call once in town.

maybe the 'pen should start wearing lingerie.

Jeff actually I was trying to get back to my golf cart and went through the backstage guest area and he was taking pictures of Keely Smith. I had only stopped cause I didn't want to get in her way as she was coming off the stage.

I should've whispered in his ear that the rose goes in the front.

heh heh In hindsight, we should have been designed with more foresight.

uh, yuh, these guys have no heart.



Hey, at least they are starting to occasionally hit with runners in scoring position - now if we could actually get some runners in scoring position against the other teams' starters...

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