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Pardon me the word

Well, there goes the perfect season.


Glad we got that great pitching and great defense thing all worked out though. That's some majorly important shit and all.


So if you look up the definition to "flied out weakly" in an online dic, do they provide you with video of the 2010 David Ortiz?


Seriously, he hasn't been hitting the ball with much so-called "authority" during this 2-game, 0 fer 7 run has he?


To be fair, opening the season against C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett isn't exactly a Sunday ride on a Swan Boat.


So a loss to the Yankees and no Sandra Bollock Nazi sex tape. Sigh.


I love how jaded we've become. Celebrity sex tape? Yawn. Celebrity *Nazi* sex tape? Oh, I can has?


What I really want to surface is the Sandra Bollock and Pedro Martinez sex tape.


Featuring the late Nelson de la Rosa.


Working title: "Speed Threesome – Thirst of the Bambino."



Was at the game last night. It was actually pretty entertaining, but really frustrating.

Actually heard from a Skank fan leaving the game: "With this hitting and pitching, I think we really have a shot at a 150-160 win season."


Oh Yankees fans and their high hopes.

Here's to any and all teams eviscerating them. They're like the 2008 Red Sox or 2009 Rays. People figured them out the year after.

Did you notice Drew kicking the dirt a little after Joba struck him out? That was some real emotion...

Gotta say I'd rather spread out our losses to the Y's this season so we don't get them all in September. Lackey tonight!

I see that Yaphet Kotto was a bit angry at reporters last evening after the game...I agree, two games is a bit too soon to pull the plug. Don't start the Lowell platoon until after tonight's game, at least.

/fist pump

Only (2) games. One botched play and one missed ball I thought he should have had. Why does Theo continue to put subpar shortstops on this team? They will not win until they have a solid SS. Anyone they can call up from Pawtucket?

Yaphet Kotto. Heh. That's pretty funny.

I can blame a lot of the silly plays and muffs on April baseball, but the Ortiz thing is not one of them. I have said it before and I'll say it again - Any big leaguer that can't adjust his swing and avoid hitting into the shift should lose his job. Period.

Here in the drive-through state to the south, the perfect season is still alive and well. Two, actually. And now that basketball is finally over, it's baseball season. Did I miss anything?

oh... and I need no Nazi's or Pedro to make a sex tape of Sandra B a must see.

I was at the game last night, too Bob. Two things struck me. First, how vocal the anti-Papi contingent is getting. How quickly fans turn, although I agree with Jeff that he needs to adjust and he apparently isn't willing to. Frustrating. It's getting to the point where Papi's the LAST person you want up in a clutch situation. Sad. Very sad.

The second thing that struck me is how slowly Okajima works. Yikes. Scuturo did him no favors, though.

I'm expecting big things from Lackey tonight. And he works very quickly.

It's a little early yet for me to get too worked up over a late-inning E6 or run-scoring BB. Not that I'm happy about the loss.

And I'm sorry guys, Papi has meant too much to this club for me to jump on the hater-wagon that LarryE noticed last night. Of course, that's why Theo has the office he does, and why I'm schlepping down to Alabama week after week to work on client projects. Whatever.

And I'm in the Jeff camp on the S. Bullocks tape. No Nazi's or midgets need apply.

I'll blame last night on Angel Hernandez - that guy is right there w/ Bob Watson in the Sox hating club.

I'm w/ Rob re: Papi and Sandra.

Oh, man, sonomasox, you hit it right on the head. The Hernandez strike zone for Burnett was huge and way off the plate while Lester had to hit a postage stamp, especially early. Also, Yaphet Kotto=good one.

Angel Hernandez - what an ass. I know he has tenure, but I can't figure out how he still has a job. I think he must have wanted to be a player, got stuck as an ump, and now still tries to ensure that he can affect the game as much as the players.

So.. if it's Angel and Sandra in a sex tape, does he bitch at her to get back in position even though she just had her 14th O, gave 3 blow jobs, and stepped out for a few seconds to cool down? and if she hesitates, does he point and yell at her to get back down or he's going to have the camera man roll anyway and take over the scene going solo? Hey look at me!!!

Hey everyone!

It's BigBri! Just dropping in, pulling out my big, pinstriped cock and smacking you all in the chops with it.

Granderson owns you already! Nick Johnson has walked 9 times in 3 games! And Scutaro? Ohhh, he's stepped into the role of shitty SAWX shortstop just BEAUTIFULLY.

Welcome to the rest of the 21st century...

Hugs, kisses and my giant pud in your face,\

if you don't stick that back in your mom's mouth soon, she is going to move on to your brother.

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