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Outta sorts

Well, at least the Lackey lemonade tasted good.


6 shutout innings against the Yankees featuring some wicked slurvies.


And he worked quickly. All around impressive, especially considering that there are some potential disruptive "personal mattahs" he's dealing with.


But otherwise, you know, I feel pretty meh.


Yeah, it ain't right that's for sure.


I feel the way Katie Holmes' titties look in this pic. All awkward and bunched up and shit.


I mean, no biggie right, all casual, no makeup, wearing whatevah, taking a stroll... it's the celeb equivalent to being just 3 games into the season, relax...


But still those titties are all messed up and it just ain't right.


Those aren't really her nipples are they? Can't be...


Nope. And the Sox are not really 6 of 27 with men in scoring position during this series.



Marathon not sprint

Paps better start sprinting...

...and set off seismographs from here to Portland?? lol

Note to Tito: Granderson is completely clueless against lefties. Righties, not so much...

Note to Tito: Lowell > Papi at this point.

Notes from Kabul......does VTek call for a change-up (91 mph) from Bard in that spot?

pitching and defense failed against offence. bad sign.

I knew we would miss Varitek's pitch calling and defense (botched play at plate, change-up,..). I do not however miss his at bats.

I hope Youk has a good insurance policy against head injuries.

Bullpen feels a little scary like last year.

New team, they need a bit of time (a small bit I hope) to gel.

Much like the Stepford Katie titties, I watched but didn't really like what I saw. Kept watching though - never know when a nip slip or Ortiz bomb might change the whole scene.

Jeff: I'm seeing more hits out of this team than last year already.

It just needs time to gel as you said. I feel more confident with 2010 than I did all of 2009.

bad stuff by V-mart - should have been an eye-high fastball first, then offspeed if he didn't chase. And he's got to make that play on Posada. But we knew what we were getting when we got him, so I reckon we just have to live with it.
Was the wind blowing in last night? They were crushing balls off Park and they seemed to be just dying out there.

Somebody's been performing some weird scientology experiments on those boobies. Yikes. They look like the knot on Youk's head this morning.

So Joe West says Yankees and Red Sox are a "disgrace", "pathetic", "embarassing" because they don't help or try to speed up the games. They take too long. What a tool - no acknowledgement on his part that he and his ilk squeeze the strike zone so bad that full counts and walks are the norm. You want the game pace picked up? Stop calling everything a ball and move the fucking thing along. Stop letting Pettite balk and calling it a great move to first (slows the game down too). Then maybe you won't have to let Angel Hernandez taunt the batters in the box because he thinks they are too slow, while he issues walks instead of strikeouts.

Doug has a third nipple?

meh, not worried. A nice trip to KC should help unless someone really has a 3d nipple.

COuld have been worse. We could have had CB Bucknor behind the plate for all 3 games.

You guys are still hoping that Ortiz finds his bat?


Hey redleghockey- thanks for your service. Stay safe over there...

worst part of being over here is the Armed Forces Network's insistence on covering every team....that and the Afghan's refusal to see the light concerning septic/sewage systems......why couldn't the Romans ever make it up here?

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