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Just can't hide it

OMFG the Sox are on the precipice of a season first 3 game winning streak!


Time to grease your no-no holes, fellas, because Destiny is wearing a strap on.


We are watching history unfold in real-time. Oooh, gina tingles.


One small step for a 2010 contendah, one giant leap for the 2010 Red Sox.


Look, I haven't been this excited since the introduction of New Coke.


Are you kidding me, my excitement is so pernicious and suspicious that 2 cops from Arizona are on their way to question me.


Yeah, well, if I were any more excited Gov. Rick Perry would shoot me.



Heh. Gettin' the snark on early and turning it up to 11. I'm feeling you, h.b.

Bucholz pitched a nice game.

Oh. And carrying a .380 Ruger? With hollow points? And a laser sight? While jogging???

The only thing better would have been to find out he was jogging home from his vasectomy procedure.

Does Buckholz have a nickname? If not, maybe it's that time again.

Clay Ace-kin?

The Say Clay Kid?

Oh. And carrying a .380 Ruger? With hollow points? And a laser sight? While jogging???

I frickin' love that story. Welcome to Texas! Exactly as our forefathers intended with the Second Amendment...

note to Gov. Perry:
get a shoulder holster- and rubber tips, or you may wind up needing a rubber tip

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruger_LCP apparently this is the gun he used, kind of a small caliber personal protection gun. Not exactly a .44 magnum.

some late catching up from yesterday:

"Jesus Saves, and Satan scores on the rebound"- Bob, that's priceless!
@sdu, thanks for the pic. a lucky almost 7 yo Sox fan, indeed
@pseudo- not in Seattle for the July series, but will be there in Sept

Ruger. Me wants.

outstanding work today, sir. Outstanding.

Rob, he also had an armed security detail too. That's the kicker for me. *He* needs a gun to defend against snakes (and coyotes)...even though there are 2 guys with guns (and heavy training) running less than a step behind him.

It doesn't even sound like the coyote was menacing...he was probably just interested in what was passing by.

Ah well, whatever. By the way, what's with us barely playing to the other team's ability every game. There have only been about 2-3 games where the run differential between the Sox and the other team was above 3. On average, we've been 2-2.5 runs apart from the other team. When we lose, it's by 1-2...when we win, it's by 1-2. What the freaky hell is that?

I think this was the 6th consecutive one-run game.




Jessica Simpson needs to start packing some heat, well, a different sort of heat of at least.

I seem to remember a lot of pies in faces of the MFY last season after walk-off wins (close games). Just sayin'...

Well, Kaz, you gotta expect a lot of close games when you go with a "pitching and defense" model for the team, right? You know, like 12-10, 7-6, 8-7. Yeah, that sort of thing...

Read again, Kaz. He was jogging *without* his security detail.

And I wish Buchholz pitched like that all the time.

"It pretty much went down at that particular juncture."

I like this quote better from the gun toting gov.

Nice win...nice snark. Good one today, HB.

Coyotes are pest animals. They can be shot anywhere and anytime it's legal to shoot. We're starting to see them a lot out here in the Chicago area as well.

Damn Mexi-kyoats!

Boston Sports Blogapalooza

Er, h.b., I'm sure your invite just got held up in the mail.

Actually, this has me thinking. New t-shirt idea:

Just like "Spartacus", on the front it says "I am h.b." in simple black font. We all buy one and go to the blogapalooza (or any event that h.b. is invited to) and if anyone asks, each of us admits to being the author of Soxaholix.

That's a good idea, Kaz.

As for the Blogpalooza, I take the Groucho approach --

I wouldn't go to any palooza that'd have me as an invitee.

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