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It's opened

Now that was a Resurrection.


Holy Zombie Jesus it was.


Which risen moment did you like best? The come from behinds? Paps getting back on his horse aftah the 2009 buck off? Neil Diamond? Pedro?!


All of the above with a special warm and fuzzy ovah Pedro's surprise emergence for the ceremonial pitch.


I tell you what, though. If you evah needed more proof that A-Rod is a certifiable, 5-tool Asswipe, please considah A-Rod's chump move in intercepting Petey during his hero's procession from the Wall to the mound.


Seriously. It's not about you, BlueLips, step the fuck aside.


And meanwhile, as good as the win felt, I now have to deal with the mental hangovah and temporary IQ loss that inevitably comes from 4 hours of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.


I find it helpful to just focus on the glory that is Dustin Pedroia.



I was waiting for Vertitek to stick his mitt in A-Fraud's face to push him away from Petey.

And while the Joe Morgan hangover is bad enough, the game-ending-at-midnight-after-ten-pounds-of-ham hangover wasn't exactly pleasant either.

I'm friggin hurting this morning. I've been alternating between riding on the porcelain bus and driving it. Dehydration is starting to kick in now. Going to try and make til midmorning at work to see if I improve.

I think I had a bad fish taco.

As Joe Morgan might sagaciously put it, "We know he's not 100% because he keeps throwing up."

I'm not sure all the comments are showing up based on the emails I get when a comment posts. Maybe the bug is back.

If your comment doesn't show, try again but hit preview before posting.

It would have been nice to see Pete grab Me-Rod's goofy head and chuck him to the ground too.

Great game last night, love the make up of the new team and its been really great watching pedrioa and youk take the mantle from the stars of 2004-2007 and really become the heart and soul of this team. It wouldnt be nearly as fun if we had the yankees lineup of baseball robots.

I know it is a small moment but the best thing that happened last night. Paps throwing a killer split finger to close out the game. It looks like that something may have sunk into that thick skull over the summer.

Go Sox. DVR rocks, I watch the games really late and just zips through the B.S and the game lasts about 1:45 mins.

Great game, great way to start the season. The way that those guys were talking about the MFY you'd think they were the second coming (my Easter joke). I'd rather have seen this than the Sox go wire-to-wire on the game.

I'm just glad Joe Morgan and company talked about Gardner's bad throw for half an hour, since the runners advanced one whole base and eventually ended up NOT scoring...

And I'm glad that some intrepid journalist at the Globe reminded me that it's just the beginning of the season, and this win doesn't mean we've locked up the pennant. Thanks, Dr. Buzzkillington!

Feel-good win, though! (aside from the usual Beckett head-scratcher)

ditto to all.

Oral is now on my shit list with his comment about real baseball being played the way it used to be played in stadiums with foul ground as big as the field, and that this kind of baseball is like arena baseball. For once the MillerMorgan team jumped him and asked how that jives with a 98 yr old ball park, Wrigley, etc. What a tool.

And, much as it pains me, I have to actually thank Jon Miller for yelling in the microphone and waking me up every time something remarkable happened - BASE HIT!! BAD THROW!! ITS A DOUBLE HIGH OFF THE WALL!! AND WE"RE STARTING OVER FOLKS!!

and Joe following with "We know the Red Sox are in the lead now, because they have more runs"

Ahh, we're back!!! Though I confess to heresy, as I was switching back-and-forth between the game and the Women's Final Four for much of it (go UConn!!!).

Here in CT the game wasn't on ESPN -- we could choose our poison, NESN or YES. Was that not the case elsewhere?? It was Don & Jerry for us, thank the gods.

Did I have it worse in Jersey, where ESPN was blacked out and I had to listen to Special Kay and Singleton? They were strangely quiet after Granderson and Gardner watched that 'double' hit the ground near the wall.

Ponch - I would have to say, Yes you had it worse. Those two drive me nuts with their inability to perform their jobs professionally when their team is failing. Don/Jerry, Palmer and to some extent Gary Thorne continue their jobs without going angry silent or disparaging the other team's players and efforts. But the Kay/Singleton show - not so much.

Al should try getting a cable package with NESN (Orsillo and Remy FTMFW last night). I was happily able to avoid ESPN2 (droppin' "the deuce") and Morgan et al.

If that little YouTube star has to make the "Miracle" speech before every Yankees game in order to fire the guys up to get a come-from-behind like that, so be it.

"...I'm tired of hearing about what a great ballclub the Yankees are. SCREW 'EM!..."

Did Pedroia just reconfirm his "Fuck Yeah" nickname as he rounded first after the dong? I'm a crappy lipreader, but it looks to me like that's what he's saying.

H.B. Nice way to thread the disparate elements of the game together with the Easter connection.

And James, I agree with you about how Youk and Pedey are now the soul of the team and you have to love how passionate and competitive each one is. That's a fantastic twosome for the heart and soul of the team.

I hope you get away from the bus soon hb, you have lots of sympathy from me after spending most of the game cleaning up the bedroom of my kid who has the same virus as you. Managed to catch some of Pedey's heroics however. BTW, was he safe at the dive into first base?

Fun game. Cameron looks like he might work out. Who replaces Ellsbury if he continues to struggle? 0-5 is not what you want to see from the lead-off spot.

if pitching and defense churn out 9 runs a game fan-friggin-tastic.

Speaking of reading lips, I think I saw LC in the bleachers during ND's serenade amongst the 20-somethings. He said something like Rudy Vallee had a better voice...look it up bitches.

Thank God for being in CT. I got to watch and listen to NESN. I didn't have to put up with the M&M show for 4 hours. If Morgan was a tights and cape wearing superhero, he would be Obviousman.

It's early, but do you know what I miss so far this year? I miss paddy24's pre-season wet rag episode where we learn why this team isn't ever going to come from behind to win 9-7 against the Yankees this season.

It's the little things that make this group of fans awesome, you know?

nice RV reference. Unfortunately, 1)I didn't have to look it up and 2) I ushered the season in in Chester, Va (look that up), not in the bleachers. Nicely crafted strip, hb.

Love, lc

Chester, Va - a town with watertowers and smokestacks (?) in the gerneral vicinity painted like Pall Malls and Marlboros that I sometimes pass by when I elect not to take 295. A fine town to drive past.

I don't think Pedroia was safe. I do think Youk was safe. But it was Angel Hernandez umping 1st base so there is no rhyme or reason to his calls and he doesn't really like the Red Sox either - still has a hard on for Lugo I think.

Comment from mrs sdu re Miller/Morgan:
those idiots just talked through an entire walk!

I think paddy is about to chime in on why 4 more years @ $68M is a waste of money.

I think it's a great move.

@JeffinNC: I'm not proud of it

Sorry to be so late joining the party - was definitely a zombie flying back this morning after a terrific night in Fenway (my sister got picked from the virtual waiting room, SHE ROCKS!) and am just now finding enough spare time to see what the Soxaholix have to say about Opening Day. My favorite non-baseball part of the game came around the sixth inning, when the raucous Yankee fans in my section of the bleachers got ejected.

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