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Have you noticed?

Dudes, I'm not kidding, this is bordering on a friggin' crisis.


I thought we weren't going to freak about Ortiz after only 4 games.


This is biggah than Papi.


Wait, is this going to be another one of your spittle raining tirades about the supposed coming VAT? If so, I need to excuse myself as I think I feel a bowel movement coming on just now.


Worse than the VAT even...


I'm talking about how collective femininity is disappearing before our eyes.


I'm talking about the ManJaw!


Armies of bony, chiseled, jutting mandibles of maxillofacial transsexuality!


Um... well, alrighty, then....


All I'm sayin' is take a look around with your mind open and aware. You'll see the horrah, guy, you'll see.



Ah, the manjaw. I have a Boys From Brazil theory. But instead of boys, some crazy Axis-loving scientists cloned girls. And instead of Hitler's DNA, it was Mussolini's.

BTW, did you see the Red Sox Hall of Fame class of 2010?Tommy Harper, Jimmy Piersall, John Valentin and Don Zimmer.

I wonder if they'll plant Zimmer's plaque in the grass off the first base line.

please please PLEASE let Bill Lee introduce Zimmer for the ceremony.

The Horror. The Horror...

Somewhere, Col. Kurtz is smiling...

...and then have Petey throw him onstage??

Yesterday with the titties, today with the manjaw. HB seems to have a newly discovered fascination with strange and unconventional female anatomy. I'm just saying.

Last night Wideman gets torched at the blue line, and Bruins go down one. Boo-birds galore. At intermission, Milbury rips paying patrons for booing #6. Puts too much pressure on the player. Then, of course, Wideman pots the winner.

So, I guess we watch Papi line into the shift for another month. Patience?

I've always envied and enjoyed the Soxaholix's ability to experience hyperlinks as part of the conversational ether. It's one of the transcendental qualities of the strip, and is particularly apparent today. Unless, of course, they're actually camped around an iPad.

I think Doug had a little encounter with the parallel universe Charlie. Only Charlie had "It's not Jolie's jaw" written on his hand. And now he's going around with his mind open and aware.

"I've always envied and enjoyed the Soxaholix's ability to experience hyperlinks as part of the conversational ether."

Glad you like that. It's one of those leaps I had to make early on to have the dialog flow. It's not realistic, yet it works in the format. Also like how it more or less forces you, the reader, to take the link in order to understand. And by taking the link and understanding, you then become part of the conversation as well.

I haven't looked forward to a plain old weekend this much in a long time. Busy, busy week. Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Speaking of unconventional female anatomy, perhaps the gang should visit "Cowboy Joe" West's website. You will find that the over- sized vagina in spikes solves all the trouble of the world and records albums such as "Baseball Dreams." I hope he is umpiring when I'm at Fenway on 6/13.


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