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Happy Tax Day

In honor of Tax Day, today's strip is brought to you in the glorious spirit of your hard earned tax dollars well spent and appropriated …

[This space intentionally left blank.]



Heh. Tax dollars and Papi's productivity.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Taxes do get me my National Guard paycheck. :D

Glad you are still "Making it in Taxachusetts"

Oh, shut up.

Coloring the panel red might have been appropriate. Even in a Blue state.

Is the giant blank column the point, or am I missing something?

somewhat ironic that today is the first day after 'Tax Freedom Day' for 2010. So allegedly all the $$ you make today forward is truly your own. Woo-f*ing-Hoo.

Rob, of course you have to wait a few more days to celebrate

It's "the strip to nowhere"!

(But, please realize, that without this strip a lot more jobs would have been lost. Lisa the Temp might disagree, of course.)

h.b. is channeling David Chase today.

Or maybe David Hasslehoff?

How about David Carradine? The blank white strip could be the climactic loss of consciousness (isn't that the second Carradine reference here in a couple months).

Yeah, that's a good looking re-design for the 1040, HB.

And WTF? Is there an 5pm curfew in Minnesota?

The mention of The Hoff compels me to link to the maybe the greatest video ever put on the Internet.

The Hoff doing Hooked On A Feeling

some people see blank space, others, sunsets.



Taxes are the price we pay for sunsets. Oliver Wendell Holmes.

well, i'm glad it wasn't _un_intentionally left blank...

Sunsets look best in places with lots of smog (something about the diffusion). So we shouldn't spend our tax dollars on clean air.

I was against clean air before I was for it.

LOL, Buckner.

Did I miss the orange barrels?

Death and Taxes, folks - not going anywhere. No matter how many teabags, nutsacks, and other assorted goodies are thrown at them.

On to baseball - Lowell is DH today! He can fuck up for almost an enire season before we "Off With His Head" the guy (ref. fans v. Ortiz).

In fairness to the fans, Ortiz pretty much did f-up for an entire season last year.

COD - agreed. completely. I feel comfortable being fed up with his play at this point. thus, I'll feel comfortable bitching about Mikey if he follows suit (say it won't be so).

I feel like I just got teabagged.

We all did

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