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Guts and glory

Well, it took 12 and dose of drama but a win's a win.


I haven't folded up my white flag quite yet, but there were some moments last night where I saw some real spirit out there...


That gutsy tag and go by Scutaro to get into scoring position, for instance.


Speaking of gutsy, how about Francona sitting Papi, Big Papi of all people in favah of Lowell?


Seriously. Who would have evah thought of a rostah move so shrewd and unexpected?


It boggles the mind.


Francona is playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkahs.


If I'm Gizmodo, I'm on the phone right now with T-Franc asking him to predict what new features will be included on the next generation iPhone.


The man's a friggin' visionary.



Was at the game last night. Very entertaining (although this morning isn't so fun). Kind of a throwback game; Tek and Lowell in the starting lineup. And Old McDonald hits another bomb. All that, and following the Bruins comeback throughout the game. The only downer was Beckett. In between walks, he got truly rocked.

Heavy on the sarcasm today, eh h.b.? And apparently Bill doesn't know the difference between a steal and tagging up after a fly ball out. But I nitpick.

If Lowell, keeps hitting bombs and singles, that thumb surgery will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. After last night's game, I wonder if the Rangers are kicking themselves for not taking Lowell.

That kind of nitpick is encouraged. Fixed now.

I don't really think when I write these. I just type. And it's 430am typically when I do it, so ...

Yes, heavy on the sarcasm. Going back to the roots of the strip circa 04 when the characters were all snark all the time.

Fuck the Red Sox.

This morning's sarcasm is just the tonic I needed to help me gird my armour for battle with this bitch-crazy client here in the Deep South. I've been looking askance at criticism of the Sox lately, but after a couple of gutsy wins I'm gettin' my snark back on.

I feel about 6 years younger this morning. Of course that still makes me about 157 years old, but still...

at least the starting pitching is holding up.



Also was in attendance last night with my 9 year old. Much like old times but it was discouraging to see how many fans started leaving around the 7th. Fan volume was weak and never approached 11. Now my kid has been to 8 games and the Sox are 8-0 in those games. He's also witnessed 2 grand slams within those 8 games. (Tek & Drew) Front office, take note. I've got your solution. Where do I go to pick up those complimentary season tickets?

Tuukka Rask for Catcher!

Old Macdonald droppin the deuce. 2 games 2 dingers.

Defense stil sketchy, we lose that game without Tek blocking the plate (Vmart would still be rolling around on his belly fumbling for the ball), relief pitching looking good finally, bats are waking up, Francona is waking up, .500 ball Here We Come!

Yeah Man ... pitching and defense, pitching and defense awesome. Don't 8-7 games with one 1 error indicate a well pitched, well played game? They don't. ohh, OK.

When exactly can we expect the pitching and defense to show up?

(and I would have preferred today's title to be "Death or Glory" - but you write it, you pick it HB!)

Omar's comin'

I was asked to take a survey for the Red Sox as a season ticket holder. Some fun questions and answers I've given:

4) Name your 3 favorite 2010 Red Sox players. (Seriously, dudes?? Great timing...) My answers were Pedroia, Youkilis, and Other (specify) "Darnell McDonald".

9) Which of these websites do you visit frequently to obtain Red Sox news? (Hehehe...) My answers were boston.com and Other (specify) "soxaholix.com".

Last question: Do you have anything else we can do to improve your Season Ticket Holder experience? My answer: Concession prices are outrageous ($5 for a Fenway Frank...I can buy EIGHT dogs in the store for that price!). Also where's my promised pitching and defense!?

Ok, maybe I left the last sentence off...but I did complain about concession prices.


That is awesome.

someone remind me what untradable current players and prospects Toronto wanted for Halladay last year? Papi could have been a throw-in!!!

I'm now 0-3 at Fenway so far this year.


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