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Gazing long into an abyss

Let's see a Sea Dogs game at 10 and the Red Sox at 1...


Work productivity? Fail.


Hey, being paid for being productive is so 2004. Just ask Ortiz.


You know at least there's still a lot of Papi left in Papi. The guy remains a class act with the fans.


I know. Why do you think it breaks our collective hearts so much to see him struggle?


The anti-Ortiz angst is a psychological defense mechanism.


The jeahs covah up the teahs.



My dad's favorite player was Ted Williams. His second fav was Wllie Mays. As a very young child, I can distinctly remember watching a World Series game when Mays was at the end of his career with the Mets. He went back on a simple fly ball and looked like a flounder flopping around. My dad's face turned beet red in embarrassment. The thing Papi, and any great player rounding the bend toward the end needs to remember, is that we deeply care about them. I don't even know if angst is the right word. We feel personally embarrassed at their foibles and failures. It's a funny thing about sports in general; people we've never met and will never know mean enough to us to trigger deep emotion. One of those emotions is pride, that the greatest clutch hitter we've ever seen was OURS. No strikeout can ever take that away.

um, Bob, the train has left the station. time to move on.

through the tears,



Nevermind lc's being such a cantankerous old curmudgeon. I both share and applaud your sentiments. Well stated, and with ne'er a drop of cynicism or irony.


Well said, Bob.

Meanwhile, speaking of productivity...

2,925,894 Pageviews
1,488 Strips

Can't believe this is the 7th season of Soxaholix.

As always thanks for hanging around this creepy site.

Sea Dogs game, or Tea Party rally on the Common? More than one choice in the ten o'clock slot.

Thanks for making this creepy site. Without it we'd have to be, uhm, creepy elsewhere.
It's good to always remember the championships Papi was a huge part of. But he's lost up there and between the Rays and the MFY (and the Blue Jays? nah, not the Blue Jays) the margin for error is extremely thin. Time for Lowell, at the very least against lefties. It's not like Papi had a great spring training to inspire hope.
as for yesterday's talk of panic, I offer these wise words from a smart dude: "This is life as a Red Sox fan aftah winning the World Series. We no longah are compelled to act retahded and go totally ape shit over every little thing."

Congrats, H.B. Let us know when you hit the magic 3,000,000 pageview number.

An average of nearly 2,000 pageviews and 27 comments per strip over a 7 year stretch. I'd say our h.b. is pretty bloggerific!

Congratulations, h.b. I much prefer being with this creepy bunch than a creepy bunch of tea-baggers. There's creepy and there's creepy...

Thanks, Rob.

Meanwhile, I confess I'd rather be the one dangling the bags than the one taking them, i.e., Teabagger rather than Teabaggee, but that's just me. I've never much liked taxes, and I've never much liked having another man's nut sack in my mouth. I know, I'm a bit creepy that way.

OOPS h.b.-the cats out of the (tea)bag now lol

From my office near Downtown Crossing, I can hear the whirr of the (black?) helicopters hovering over the Common...

...looking for a pig wearing lipstick???

Well I was quite a bit older when Mays was doing his walkabout in the outfield with the Mets. Yawkey probably said 'see, I was right not to sign him'.

is there an over/under for misspelled signs at the tea party rally?

I wonder if Ortiz would benefit from platooning. Take some of the edge off.

No more tears there tho. If his time has really passed, Theo will do the right thing.


I wonder if Palin could DH for us and stand in against a 95 mph 2-seamer...

...or maybe 6 of them...in the skull.

Considering how many typos and goofs I make here, it wouldn't surprise me if I fuck up my TeaParty sign.

"Don't tread on me. How's my nutsack taste?"

(Is nutsack really one word? See how dumb I am?)


Forgive my ignorance. Why did the Sea Dogs start at 10 today, is there a Portland marathon going on?

I actually registered "Bronxaholix" the other day. (Beware the Bearded Spock.)

H.B. - I have GOT to see your first-edition "Bronxaholix" issue. My guess is it'll be worth millions to my grandkids some day. Another Action Comics No. 1 (from 1938) in the making...

Kaz - those two seamers could only be improved by another Joe West diatribe on how long it took Paps to throw them.

"Take your base, bitch!"

"Don't tread on me. How's my nutsack taste?"

First our loud laugh at the screen in awhile. (I see it in my head as one word when I call someone a nutsack - two words make it seem little more than a small burlap bag).

h.b. - you productivity is top shelf. Papi's salary is top shelf. We either need to get his salary in your hands, or your productivity in his. Right now shit is all wrong.

Bob, I completely agree with your sentiments regarding ball players.

Kaz, I completely agree with your sentiments regarding Sarah Palin.

'nuff sed.

I love Sarah Palin. Srsly. I lrrv her. She has sexy knees. I shit you not.

Dumbest: Sarah Palin or Johnny Damon?

"Dumbest: Sarah Palin or Johnny Damon?"

Ans: Barney Frank.

actually, he's not dumb, he's just gay

""In 2003, nobody that I knew of foresaw the crisis of subprime lending, and that is what caused this problem."

-- Barney 'Dumb and Gay' Frank

Rent a sunset and taste the nutsack, teabaggee bitches. LOL

Hermida and Lackey, but still no Papi. (Two more strikeouts and five men left on base.)

HB, I dig the tea party love today, whether it's real or tongue-in-cheek. It certainly says something about the teabaggees that they can't find any substantive objections to the Tea Party movement. I've got no love for Palin myself, but I can certainly get behind a movement for fiscal responsibility!

Sea Dogs are playing in Hard Hittin New Britain today. The 10AM start was a big ol field trip for a bunch of schools in the area.

Chops - how you feelin' about the state militias they're trying to form?

Bunch of wild-eyed, tea-baggin', vigilante goobers. I feel safer already...

Ah, yes, focus on the fringe.

Now if only there were more of that going on with the environmentalist movement where there isn't just talk of militias trying to form, they've already formed in the likes of eco-terrorists groups like ELF.

Bunch of wild-eyed, tree hugging, vigilante goobers. I feel greener already...

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