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Old MacDonald called from the farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

A career minor leaguer who nevah gave up, ee-i-ee-i-o.

With a pinch hit here and a walkoff hit there

Here a hit, there a hit, everywhere this hittah hits

Old MacDonald's up from the farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.


What a great friggin story. And the first truly feel good moment of the season.


On the othah hand, it's really no surprise that MacDonald had no problem adjusting and finding his comfort zone, since the 2010 Sox are essentially a AAA-level club.


Seriously, watching a game is like walking through a farm field of cow dung.


Except without the magic mushrooms.


I dunno. Watching 5 stolen bases allowed in one inning is sorta trippy.


And if the Red Sox find themselves 10 games back on May 1st and chasing the Yankees and Rays, I'm going to take Leary's advice and "drop out."



I keep hearing people say it was an ugly win. At this point, I'll take a Marty Feldman/Bea Arthur love child win.

Oh. I think All Star ballots are out today. They'll make lovely coasters this year.

I don't know... I understand everyone's frustration with the poor play of late, but it's still early! This great win shows there is hope to be had for this year's team. Over 162 games, the cream rises to the top, and I'm confident the Sox will make the playoffs.

"Losing is a disease... as contagious as.."

And the cure would be a little, just a little, of the medicated goo. Enough to let go, but not so much that the boys aren't sure which ball to swing at or which of the moving basepaths is the one that actually goes to the real first base. Of course, they might have to be careful with the Vitamin C drinks in the clubhouse or the whole thing could just boil over to a hell of a good time. Put a spliff in the Orsillo/Remy broadcast booth during the whole thing and we'd all be laughing so hard we wouldn't really care about silly things like the score.

After the 5th stolen base I had to turn away. It's embarrassing to witness the demise of players who have provided so much joy over the years. Particularly Wake and Papi. Nice glimmer of hope last night but it's going to take more than that to convince me that this team has the chemistry to go the distance.

You have to sort of feel for Terry. He has 4 aging former stars (Ortiz / Lowell / Timmy / Veritek) who are all likely candidates for the Red Sox Hall of Fame, that he has to try to keep happy without torpedoing the team's chance to win in the process. Not an easy job at all.

I think you're onto something, h.b, with the dropping out and 5 SBs being trippy. Timothy Leary's dead and now he actually is outside looking in. I think some Windowpane would make watching the Sox more fun. Watching Papi strike out two more times anfd fouling out in his other at-bat requires SOMETHING mind-altering.

I'll take a Marty Feldman/Bea Arthur love child...

And why not, Bob? My wife married one. (Thank God our kids look like their mom...)

Could be worst, ......

funny this is exactly what my 3 yr old started singing after the home run. The old macdonald part - not timothy leary.

agreed COD - got to be a bit queasy when Papi snaps his bat a few feet from your face, thinking, geez that could be my spine.

Why can't I find a D-Mac post-game interview anywhere? I want to hear what the minor league lifer who just hit a game-tying homer and a walkoff hit has to say.

@dook sucks - I'll tell you what he has to say:

"I spent my whole mother fuckin' career in the minor leagues 'cause these guys, THESE GUYS, are supposed to be better than me? I ride my damned bicycle to the stadium after I get a message left on my Motel 6 room door that I have to come play in Boston because the "big guys" have tummy pains, walk on the field, hit shit all over the field that any of my "not as good as them" teammates could hit, and now you want to talk to me? Give me a mother fuckin full time job on this shitbox team and you can ask me what I think any time you want. Have a nice day. Go Pawsox."

Natalie is going to the Dark Side... :(

was Hamilton doing his best Hall imatation on the game winning pop-up? The steals Texas' had! The rest of MLB take notice; when you face Wake(soon to be dice k) and Vmaht-if you reach 1rst, proceed to 3rd...go ahead..nobodys watching. What was our battery doin before the game on 4-20, on the other hand it looked like Texas' lineup may have indulged, Ron Washington style ;)

A nice win, especially if you go to that game...but what the fuck was with all those stolen bases?

Oh pshaw, Kaz. I may be living in the heart of the Evil Empire come September, but I will be an enemy in their midst, proudly sporting my Sox hat throughout the Upper West Side (bring it ON!). I'd rather be repeatedly poked in the eye with a sharp stick than convert to Yankees fandom (oh, wait, that's kinda what this season has been like so far...)

The new series on HBO "How to Make it in America" made me want to pack up and move to NYC. First time I've ever felt that way.

Really loved that series. Hope they bring it back soon.

Speaking of HBO series, is anyone watching Treme? I ADORED the Wire, so this intrigues but also makes me worried my expectations are too high (and the clip on NPR I heard, with Steve Zahn as the DJ, was less than impressive, but perhaps that's because it was TV on the radio)...

Didn't watch Treme.

I confess I have natural disaster and post natural disaster burn out.

After 6 days of being stranded in the US (yes, I realize I am cushily ensconced at my mother's but in some ways that's worse than truly being stranded!) and ~20 hours worth of holding for Virgin Atlantic customer service, I can say I too have natural disaster burn out. :)

Heh, I'm just messing with you, Nat. Congrats on coming back across the pond. You'll get back to Boston one of these days. :)

in re Treme - I don't have HBO but all my friends who have watched it are glad that someone is finally getting New Orleans right. Zahn's character is based on a real guy who rubs everyone the wrong way and made a pass at me once, and Goodman's is based on someone from my circle of friends who was good at intelligent rants before his heart gave out while on a trip to take care of his mother's belongings following her demise.

The treme seems very good to me, a white man born in the Truman administration (look it up)

Look out MFY...Omars comin'

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