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Fade to sunset (rented)

Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
They are saying that Buchholz was "tremendous" in his loss.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Did we have to lose the game, to save the game?


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
It appears as if we are all waiting for something that will never arrive.



Vladimir Epstein: Well, shall we go?
Estragon Francona: Yes, let’s go.

My preference would be a good team or a really bad team - I can protect myself with laughter when they are as bad as last night. It's the almost good teams that hurt.

I Can't Go for That, noooo.

No Can Do.

Seems like the other teams' batters know what's coming and their pitchers dictate the at bat to the Sox rather than the other way around. Not really fun to watch so far.

These gentlemen that play baseball for the Red Sox aren't too good, are they?



[p.s. new sunsets are in the pipeline. Please ready your PayPal account for savings galore}

Two on in the 7th and MacDonald at the plate. Orsillo says 'does Francona think about bringing in Ortiz here'? Remy should have said 'not if he wants to keep his job'.

I just don't understand putting Clay out there in the 7th without someone in the bullpen already warming in the bottom of the 6th. Sure, he was pitching a hell of a game through 6 innings, but he finished the 6th at 94 pitches and got tattooed early in the inning as his pitch count went over 100. It's not like the offense did jack crap, but it just felt like Clay was left out to bake too long.

Speaking of our offense...it could be worse, we could have guys like Teagarden...holy crap, 15Ks in 21 AB so far this year or something like that. Yikes.

Jeff wrote:
> It's the almost good teams that hurt.

Ah, I feel young again. It's like listening to my Dad grumble about them. That and "They can beat the champs but they lose to the chumps".

Happy 51st B'Day Estragon!

I like how Hall & Oates are kind of translucent. Just like the line up right now. Like Scott said, other teams can see right through them.


The Sox already have 2 guys like that, Ortiz and Drew. Unfortunately Pedey has cooled off as well. I thought they could produce enough runs with speed and contact hitting, but they really need a threat there batting third so the first two guys see some pitches. Dunno, its gonna be a long frustrating season.

Is that a book or a European Man Clutch? Centaur Slappy McBluelips wishes to know.

"its the method of modern slumps"...

You know what's awesome?

You are.

But besides that, what else is awesome is going out at lunch with your boss and getting totally shitfaced on about 5 beers for every guy at the table.

That's awesome.

And no typos, Kaz.

Speaking of beers, it's that time.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Omar arrived. Shit the bed and left.

Jesus people... it is still April, right?

The Red Sox are doing so poorly...even the Globe doesn't want them in town...

Boston wins "in Baltimore"?

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