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Everything counts in large amounts

Wait a second, I know it's way, way too early to panic but I just have one question...


Are we sure it's too early to panic?


Because, you know, I feel a little, oh, what's the word I'm looking for?


Um... Panicked!


Well, let's see...


A starting rotation with only 3 quality stahts in 7 games and the staff studs with ERAs looking like a state sales tax rate.


A shaky bullpen.


A DH who can't hit.


An oscillating offense.


In a division where the rivals will probably win, oh I dunno, 105 games.


Nope, no reason to panic.


Everything is going according to the Mastah Plan.


I so fucking love the Mastah Plan.



So far, this is the master plan:


Have you watched the Phillies play baseball? Never out of a game. Always on the verge of big inning. Confident feeling that they are in every game no matter what the score. I don't get that from the Red Sox...

Ok, let's call it. Nobody from the '04 team is in a position to contribute any more. Youkillis doesn't count, since he was up from AAA then. Papi=done. Vtek=ovah. I know he hit two home runs over the weekend, but that was the equivalent of a unicorn sighting, in my book.

The team is a soulless bunch of entitled boobs.



But we're still Red $0x Nation ;)


Memo to TE: I enjoy watching Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Beckett, Bard, Bucholtz, Lester, Wakefield, Lackey. July 30 for update on VMart & Beltre. And maybe Atchison because he makes me look young again.

All others expendable.

I got 2 to Friday vs Rays and Tuesday vs Texas if any of you creeps is interested. Face value. [email protected]

"entitled boobs" that could use some enhancement, you know, so they weren't just hanging around waiting to find out if they'll have a big night but instead were firm in their position, standing proud, talking shit to all comers.

Red Sox fan angst is alive and well in NC my friends

Haven't been around in a while but the angst will always bring me back.

"all for themselves.. after all" ..I'm thinking as far as Ortiz goes..our "own ..lifetime..DH"...someone to go 0-4,..someone whos there".. thanks hb. now spending good part of my day reworking MODE songs with SOX slants

Hey Tessie!

I think you'll see Varitek be productive out of the backup catcher role throughout the season, he did have a slightly better than league average first part of the season last year.

This team however, cannot afford to carry Ortiz for two months. Tito needs to have a very short leash, since there are atleast two capable bench bats.

I'm all for cutting 60 day dling Ortiz bringing up Reddick to play right and slotting JD Drew as the DH if Papi's craptastic performance continues.

The pitching will get better, Beckett and Lester are just two starts into the season.

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