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Drop in the ocean

In the words of one of my fave 80s bands I say to Josh Beckett, "Spare us the cuttah."


Couldn't cut the mustard.


Howevah, don't look now, kids, but we picked up half a game ovah idle Tampa.


3rd place will soon be ours and ours alone.


Mofo baseball dominance. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.


And wait until we release the fucking Kraken-san on Saddadee.


Bettah put on your glasses because this shit's in 3-D.



All we have to do is win 12 straight during a Rays 12 game idle stand, and boom, we're golden.

version 2.0: at least the staring pitching is holding up.


Checking my math here: Becks has a higher ERA (7.22 to 5.40), more hits against, more homahs against, more runs against, more earned runs against than TimW (Yes, that one) - admittedly, in one more, truly dismal game, but still. Add to that that TimW (Yes, that one) is ahead of Lestah on all those counts in the SAME number of games, and the numbers are inescapable and undeniable: last year's winningest pitchah through the All-Star break, now ahead of Beckett and Lester in stats, is absolutely done, washed up, no longer worthy of a starting role. Put the old f**kah in the bullpen.....sigh...I feel much bettah now, but I bring this up in the context that Becks is 10-0 with a 2.23 ERA with an extra day's rest since 2009, including 1-0 with a 1.93 ERA so far in 2010. Seriously, it's good for the team, and good for BECKETT to have TimW (Yes, that one) in the rotation. If Varitek is Beckett's personal catcher (no kidding, the numbers don't lie), then how about keeping Timmy in the rotation as Beckett's personal pitcher, so to speak. Again, the numbers don't lie.

Sorry, I have no idea where my carriage returns went. Something about Beckett suffering less with 6 pitchers in the rotation, I'm sure.

Incredibly, disconcertingly, this team of ours looks worse when it wins than when it loses.

On a brighter note. The almost 7 y/o 'Sox fan attended his first Collingwood game on the weekend (trip to Melbourne with his Scarlett Johansson lookalike baby sitter, mrs sdu and me) and we won, like, HUGE:


[fuck it - I can't do clever links anymore! Kaz??? HB???]

Beckett's ERA last April? 7.22. Beckett's ERA today? 7.22.

This has all happened before and it will all happen again.

Man I hate this fucking team.

Looking for season tickets to this.

While we all appreciate the photos of "Real Footy", which one is the Scarlett lookalike?

Great game at the Garden last night. Maybe Satan can close for the Sox (in name alone, he's qualified)


I went to a fight, and a Seconding Motion broke out.

Satan should replace Espo on that classic bumper sticker.

On the positive side, I feel no need to stay awake for any of the late innings. They may win (Bard pitching), they may lose (the rest of the pen pitching), but I can count on ugly, ugly play that I really don't want to see. Kind of like granny porn.

Thank you for the Echo reference, made my day.

I've got a handful of this
What do I do with it?
I've got a barrel of this
What do I do with it?
I do it clean...

hey Natalie, I highly suggest clicking SDU's link for some tasty thigh pics - mmmm too bad we don't get Aussie football on TV here.

For Natalie and NolaSox:


@Nola - if it's available down by you, check out espn3.com - all sorts of things on there, including the Aussie Footy.

"He threw the ball pretty well," Francona said. "His cutter had some power behind it that was good to see. His breaking ball had some spin,..terry's thoughts on dice k's simulated cutter.

Anybody else going to Dice-K's debut on Saturday in "charm city"? I expect to see Wake too, when Dice-K reaches 120 pitches after four innnngs...

for buckner:

Okay, so I know it's a long shot but is anyone in Seattle for the end of July Sox series?

A cupla months ago we thought the Bruins were toast. Just sayin'.

if AAA call-up Fabio gets in a game this week and gets roughed-up by either Toronto or Baltimore ....I'm thinking ..infamous pics of the romance novel cover guy face bloodied after run-in with large bird on rollercoaster. Photoshop magic will include the obviuos sox cap on said Sox pitcher and of course the bird will either be a Blue Jay or an Oriole. It has been written...

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