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Don't cha stop

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your Boston Red Sox have gone and won 3 in a row.


And done so behind two high-qual stahts from the preseason much-hyped rotation.


Lestah let out something beyond mere quality — a dominant 1-hittah with 11 strikeouts...


Sustained velocity, razah shahp cuttahs, fastballs thrown for strikes, changahs thrown for strikes...


Ovah and ovah and ovah, he challenged hitters and they lost.


John Lestah, 6 feet, 4 inches, and 240lbs of "This season ain't ovah yet, bitches."



11-11. So, does the season really start today? 140 to glory?

Great strip. Loved the final panel, hb.

Also, he used to have the cancer*.

* obligatory

too soon to start screen printing up the Darnell McDonald jerseys?

So what does that make J.D. Drew? 6 foot 2, 200 lbs of "this bat feels real nice on my shoulder"...?

So, hey guys! Just tuning into the Sox season. Been preoccupied with the Caps. I miss anything? Pitching and defense, right?

If anyone wants to dip their toes into the awfulness that was pre-2004, I'd suggest heading to your local Washington Caps blog. Go party like it's 2003!

Greetings from Amsterdam, yet again. Or rather Schiphol. Am getting whiplash from the characters' reel between cynicism and optimism. Or wait. Is that my own reel? My modest hopes are only that the boy hang in long enough to make Sept and Oct in enemy territory interesting. Could happen yet. Maybe.

Ah Amsterdam; the little differences.

I see potential in this team. The same way I see potential of an 11 year old girl on a stripper pole.

Why do I feel that a 5 or 6 game lead is insurmountable even though it is only the end of April?

Except for Go Sox, Go Heels, I'm not seeing the outrage for Drew's performance so far either here or in the Boston media. While Papi is getting slammed with talk of his career being over, Drew seems to fly under the radar. He makes $1 million more a year than Papi does.

But h.b., it's good to see the optimism. One run in the last 18 innings. Not bad.

It seems that Drew is often hitting the ball to various parts of the field with the bad luck of having it be close to a fielder. Papi's tendency to hit into the shift, strikeout or hit pop-ups makes him look worse.

woohoo! 11-11. I'm ordering my WS tix today!

Drew can also play in the field, which makes him somewhat more useful than a DH who can't hit.

Also enjoyed it but a little surprised not to have seen a good takeout on http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/mlb/news/story?id=5140598 -- trying to sort out if this is an example of their "pride and class" or just more "mystique and aura"

It's hard to criticize Nancy Drew for what he's not doing now, since he's never done a whole hell of a lot for us. Papi was a hero! A bomber! Drew was always an overpaid, overinjured, streaky hitter with decent fielding skills.

Not that I'm defending the Papi criticism; the guy's earned at least a month or two to struggle at the plate after 2004.

see April-May, 2009.

I think there is no criticism for Drew becuase there is no expectations. Desapite what Theo thinks, Drew sucks, always has, always will. The only memorable thing he has done as a member of the Sox was hit that grand slam in the 2007 playoffs.
I would love to be mediocre and one of the highest paid employees at my job too, and have my boss defend my mediocrity too!

Drew...done...nothing...for us? Does no one remember that granny in '07? Or his performance in that World Series? Or his bomb off K-Rod in October '08? Or his game-winner (and the 2-run blast before that) in the super-comeback game against the Rays in October? The man has more big hits in October than anybody the past few years. He's also a really good fielder.

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