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That which we call a rose or a Coke Wisdom O'neal

Yes, it's that time of year again — The NOTY Awards!


And once again it's a strong 64, very strong.


Seriously, where does one begin?


I mean there's a Hitler and a Stalin and a Dr. Speedy Nutz. All in the same bracket no less.


And what about Dick Smallberries?


But wait, it's not just Dick Smallberries but Dick Smallberries Junior!


And you gotta love the phonetics of X'Zavier. I mean is that a name worthy of a teak X'zylograph or what?


You know, it really takes a lotta balls to give your kid a name like Aristole Socrates.


No, it doesn't just take balls, it takes Pamela Balls.



I think I gotta go with Dr. Speedy Nutz. I mean, he's a doctor.

I think Can Du has the kind of spirit that will get him to the Final Four as a big upset over Spontaneous Gordon.

On second glance, I'm changing my vote to King Jamell Modest. (Or as his friends call him, Ironic Oxymoron.)

I am still sore from the defeat of Iris MacDangDang. Undoubtedly Calipari was involved and the Barkevious Mingo win should be vacated.

Go Typhoon Nurse! I would love to sleep with someone named Typhoon Nurse, the jokes could go on forever.

As a religious NOTY follower, I have to say this year's field seems a bit weak to me. Very few sure-fire laughers, though Dr Speedy Nutz is definitely one of them.

need to see hannukkah wallace & jesus leonardo in the bull tron reg. final. Epic clash of powerhouses.

as for that other bracket - I hate Duke.

My Final Four is X'Zavier Bloodsaw, Napoleon Einstein, Aristotle Socrates, and Spartacus Bernstein ... may the best name win

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