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Tasting Spring

Sigh. Snow in March.


I know. Without a window or with it's the same old rancid jam.


At least we have Spring Training.


Seriously. When I see the highligts in HD, I feel like Veruca Salt getting her first glimpse of WonkaLand.


I want to reach out and eat the screen.


♫ Talk about your childhood wishes...


♪ 60 feet and 6 inches



Oh that Circle! "If she's a lady, I'm a Vermicious Knid".

On baseball news, how about Zito plunking Augustus Gloop for hitting a dinger off him last season?!? Stoopid!

That would have to be a big "Circle"

New to the site, great stuff guys!

Ha, Rob - Augustus Gloop. Rob, a friend and I watched that footage at Happy Hour last night and were immediately reminded of Bob Gibson throwing at Reggie Jackson for hitting a dinger off of him the previous year... in an old timers' game! Zito, you're no Bob Gibson.






the old FNX spoof of Dynamite Hack's Boyz in da Hood popped on my iPod today (boyz at da Fenway). It brought back fond memories of Pedro, Nomar, $13 seats and $4.25 drafts.

What's going on? Great stip; hot chicks - no feedback.


Ronan Tynan has been disavowed by the Yankees and is now moving to Boston.

What say you?!

Kaz, I think he'd be a helluva better choice for setup man than Ramiro Mendoza was.... and he's a doctor to boot, so I'm sure he and the dentist will find some common ground and make it happen

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