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Sunshine and high skies

So any post-vacation pearls of wisdom?


Sunscreen. Can't have too much of it.


Seriously, I burnt the tops of my feet and hobbled around like a Game 6 Bill Bucknah for 4 days.


I'm surprised our eternal do-goody Bud Selig hasn't taken up the cause of mandatory sunscreen application at MLB games?


Maybe he'll get to that right aftah he finishes his "speed up the game" crusade.


Yep, let's get this baseball commodity packaged up into a neat little 3-hour segment like it's the fucking Today Show or something.


Seriously, we can't have games running long on Fox on Saturdays and pre-empting a new episode of Cops fercrissakes.


Really. We don't have time for plate discipline and seeing a lot of pitches and wearing a pitcher down when there is a bleeding, meth-faced, redneck in a stretched out wifebeatah competing for our entertainment pleasure.


Hey, Selig, what paht of relying on baseball to "buffah the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive" don't you get?



The game should take as long as it takes. That said, Dice-K sometimes makes me wish baseball had the Oscar orchestra in the wings, ready to play him off the stage.

(Welcome back, H.B.)

Holy fuckarooni, hb. You nailed the finish.



Yeah, Dice-K makes me mental with the amound of time he takes. And I enjoy when Timmy and Buehrle face off...it takes much less time to reach the desired outcome. Aw, fuck it, I watch games on Tivo anyway, so why am I bitching?

Jesus H Christ. That article made my blood boil. When the fuck did baseball become a RACE? Maybe Bud can take his expertise into fields, and help surgeons shave time off of open-heart surgery, or introduce legislation to force mothers into induced labor at the exact hour of 9 months gestation, etc. It makes me wonder... does Bud actually ENJOY baseball? Does it bring him pleasure? He's probably the guy who wolfs down his meal in a 3-star Michelin restaurant and gets annoyed if the waiter brings complimentary port at the dinner's end. I mean, there's business to be done, right? No sense in lingering... What a massive turd that guy is.

Wow. HB & Natalie are ON this Monday! Nicely said.

Bud is not a baseball fan. He is a business fan. Shit, have you heard his musings on floating divisional realignments?

What a massive Turd than guy is. (I couldn't come up with better than that, so I used it)

One of the factors in the length of televised games is the cramming of more commercials into extended breaks between innings. Since the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers are more frequently on network TV, that might add to their average length of game!

Bud would let NBC package it like the Olympics: delay it until 8 p.m., put Costas in the studio and Al Roker in the stands, tease us with what's going to come throughout the evening, intersperse vignettes about players and bullpen catchers who have overcome rare diseases and family tragedies (complete with soaring background music), promote upcoming lame network sitcoms and wrap it all up at 10:59 p.m.

Plus we would only see the at-bats of US-born players.

@Bud: See Durham, Bull. Reference- Sixty Minute Man.
Learn something.

@HB: Beautiful. I just reserved a copy of Giamatti at my library. Totally psyched.

I just did the same. With opening day just two weeks away Giamatti will be a nice compliment to my annual viewing of Faith Rewarded. Maybe this year I'll get through it without crying, but I hope not.

that is why I love college basball - Ariz State SunDevils 21-0 #1 in the nation!!!!!!

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