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Spring Break

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix gang and the creepy, omniscient hand that guides them are on vacation this week, March 15 – 19.



You can see H.B.'s shadow or outline in the leaves of the palm tree.

He seems to have a pointy head.

Oblio Tirebiter???

h.b. takes a vacation...and then it floods in the city...

Coincidence!? I think not.

enjoy h.b.!

Does anyone want to go snorkeling?

No, not you Eric Massa.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes.

And, the Old Ironsides canon went off as usual at sunset yesterday. 6:50. Whoo and hoo.

Did the beer cart come early today?

Here's to a quick recovery for Ryan Westmoreland...the kid obviously needs a nickname. Just not General.

Sonomasox, how about "Beanball"?

Too soon?

Geez, Ron! Haven't you figured out how to lean over the mirror and not blow out the other side of your nose yet? What a mess. You keep this amateur shit up and I'm telling MLB on you.

No shortage of nicknames for Mr. Washington now.

Best line score I ever seen (yeah, it's high school softball, but I'm growing desparate for some ball games): Emily Weiman of Archbishop Spaulding pitched a perfect game, facing 15 batters and striking out all 15, plus hit a single, double and homerun in a 20-0 win over Calvert Hall. I expect some Orioles and Nationals scouts will be at her next game.

Sandra Bullock is BACK ON THE MARKET, boys!

So, there's, like, a chance for me, right?

Sure Kaz. Even better than my chances with Kim Bassinger...

RIP Fess Parker

[look it up]

If you are married to Sanda Bullock, or are Mutt Lange married to Shania Freaking Twain, why the hell would you ever cheat?

At least we still have the Swamp Fox, lou.

Kaz, I know where one of her houses is cause she bought what I called my powerball house so if you want to make a run for her let me know. I once had the pleasure of being a construction secretary on a jobsite where she and Matthew McCoughnahy came to check out a condo. SB on a jobsite = drool on Makita drills.

My post from last week

Merlin Olson pushes Corey Haim off the front page. Since celebrity deaths usually seems to come in threes, who's next?

Now we have Peter Graves and Fess Parker. I should have played the superfecta.

COD - to quote (probably not correctly) Howard Stern regarding Billy Joel's divorce from Christie Brinkley... "What the hell is he thinking? If I were married to that girl, I'd have my penis surgically attached to her!"

Nolasox - You couldn't be more right. I have to ask hot client women and sales ladies to dress down when they come around the jobsites because all work either comes to a grinding halt or I have to start worrying about OSHA visits after arms get cut off while dudes are using dangerous tools while having Fast Times At Ridgemont High Phoebe Cates dreams. I could buy a dozen Penthouses for them all and lose less time & money.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High dreams?

I'm more of a Jay and Silent Bob Shannon Elizabeth dreamer.

mmmmm yes. a fine dream as well.

...shannon elizabeth... phoebe cates... Moving In Stereo...

uh... I gotta go.

Holy schnieky, in his absence (or is that absinthe), H.B.'s creepy comment section has turned into a baby boomer TMZ.

Oh well, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun (and slightly baseball-related) to yak about on Monday.

No one will probably see this, but Jeff I didn't get much work done after Naked Bongo playing hottie asked me for a hard hat. Coincidentally, I had the soundtrack to Lonestar on my desk at the time (great Little Willie John song on there.)

i saw it

Saw what?

For sure nobody will see this. But... some nice pre-season entertainment...


I saw it, checked out the link - loved it. [And I saw Nola Sox's post too!]

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