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Random thoughts seek segue

Imagine what we'd be saying if they weren't beating up on the college kids?


Missed this previously: Matsuzaka will not be ready for Opening Day... And I can't decide whether this is good news or bad?


Heavy lobstah pot
Wet deck awash with red claws –
Too small, toss 'em back.


Now that he's no longer with the Yankees, Johnny Damon is all afluttah about his time with the Sox.


And Scott Boras always has Damon's best interest at heart. And that's the troof.



"I'm happy I ended up in Detroit."

Really Johnny?

You just don't seem like a Detroit kind of guy. Getting under the Ferrari to change the oil, getting up at 4:00 to start your shift on the assembly line. Well, I guess you did get laid off, so that's something.

Megan Fox is a MILF? Or would that be step-MILF?

"Yep. And Megan Fox has only been with like two dudes. Evah."

Bob, are you the other one? She never would tell me...

I had to break it off though. Those thumbs of hers gave me the willies.

Megan Fox? Feh. I'm more into the Bea Arthur types.

Megan Fox is a Tiger?

Damon has only been with two dudes?

Can I get paid millions to not show up on time and be semi-effective at my job?

Segue fail

"...And then there's Maude."

Hmm. I wonder what Abby might say to the idea that you're into Bea Arthur types...

The real hero is Brian Austin Green.

Tiffany Amber Thiessen
Vanessa Marcil
Megan Fox

That's quite a resume. Who would that be equate to for a woman?

Mark Paul Gosselar
Mario Lopez
Brad Pitt

Nah, doesn't sound as impressive.

Rob, she'd say, "Stanley, you're an idiot."

Heh, my friend asked me the same question just yesterday: "What if we lost to BC?"

Papi went deep! Papi went deep! Our season is saved! Hallelujah!

Since I'm on jury duty tomorrow (they're all guilty!), here's hoping you creeps have a great weekend.

It's at Superior Court where lots of the juicy cases happen, so hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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