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Nothing from nothing

I've got a whole lotta nothin today.


Yeah, it's such a slow news day that the Globe's lead Sox story is about how Jason Bay is adjusting.


Honestly, I couldn't give a rat's ass how dude is finding the transition to the NL.


Seriously. I'd rathah read feature on the history of Sriracha on sausage.


So you worried about Towahs working with the Yankees?


Yeah, considering he did such a brilliant job with that perennial leviathan of the NL, the Padres, and was replaced in San Diego by Theo accolade Jed Hoyer. Scawy.


Absolutely. I'm shakin in my Uggs over heah.



Can't wait for that reference to highly objectionable footwear to read "shaking in my Crocs." Is winter ever ever ever going to be over?

Sports jobs are strange. I wish I could get fired by one company, get hired by another, and get paid by both.

RE: rat's ass:

My sentiments exactly.

> Theo accolade Jed Hoyer

Clippy says: "Did you mean 'Acolyte?;'"


Instead of Bay...use newsprint more wisely...

Best American skier evah...kissing her balls.

Have a good weekend.

Per Amalie Benjamin's tweet:
When Brad Penny just entered the locker room, Tito yelled out "JC!".


A friend of mine wants me to joint 'Red Sox Nation' so he can nominate me for Australia/international governer or something. I told him the Soxaholix would disapprove. Please advise.


SDU, while I would normally advise against it, I think it would be cool if you were Red Sox head of state in Australia.

Do you get a crown?


Meant to post this first thing this morning, but the internet went down.

I'm going on vacation next week.

I'll post a vacation placeholder for the comments on Monday morning.

Gotta love a Spring Break.

Well, on that note, have a great weekend all. H.B., you have a great week. (Lay off the absinthe and ketamine.)

Hopefully your loyal creeps will have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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