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Name that toon

So I gotta agree with Mazz's rankings here.


The Yankees are the team to beat and the Red Sox are good but it's questionable how much they've really improved.



Yeah, it reminds me of something, something but I just can't place it.


You know why they're using cartoon heads, right?


Sure, because cartoon heads are Hawt.


Fuck, yeah, they are.


If only there was an irreverent Red Sox themed comic strip that could somehow appropriate these columnist cartoon heads as a form of fair use parody...


Now you're just talking crazy.



I hope that second-to-last panel is a harbinger of awesome things to come.

Just me, or do the Globe cartoons look like Sims? If we don't feed them, will they die of starvation?

It must be done.

Perhaps H.B. could have the Globe Heads lurking around in the background illustration. Oh, look, there's CHB in the old Tower Records Building. He's buying a million dollar loft with his endless Curse proceeds.

I think we've reached a vortex in the universe: life imitating art that was imitating life.

Perhaps the Globe's columns would be more interesting if they were written in Simlish.

The gears in my little pea brain are churning, churning...

I swear to Papi that is too rich.

If it doesn't all end in an "Office Space" style beating of CHB out in a field with a baseball bat, I won't be happy. Hehe.

OK. I just drafted the dialog for the first strip that will introduce 2 new characters and will feature a 3rd that makes use of a parodied cartoon columnist head.

Now I need to sink some time into the the images and a few other tweaks.

CHB has been a cartoon for years ;O

I am totally on board with this idea.


I nominate Carfardo as the State House dome

Is it weird that I have a half-chub right now?

I hope one of them mentions it in their column and brings in some new traffic here with it. :)

Circle is "hot".
Charles Pierce is "not".

so SAC is that your way of saying you want a strip re "the hottie and the nottie"?

Yes, please.

but Amalie doesn't have a cartoon likeness

not yet she doesn't. Who do you think HB was creating for this new strip?

Cool. Soxaholix meets anime meets Heavy Metal (the CHB cartoon head is about as ugly as some of those monster things in the movie).

That would make Steinbrenner the Loc-Nar?

a half chub indeed

Do you guys get Top Gear over there? I ask because CHB's cartoon head looks an awful lot like Jeremy Clarkson. Some kind of self-argument car/baseball hyperbole would be fan-friggin-tastic. A girl can only dream, I suppose.

Top Gear is on BBC America which - if I recall correctly when I lived in America - is an a la carte addition to most TV lineups. I watched it a couple of times and wasn't into it, but you're right; CHB looks like Clarkson.

Have you ever noticed that HB is CHB without the C. Just sayin'.


That is funny. Never noticed that before.

Amelie's cartoon depiction PLEASE. And I just wanted to post close to the other Larry. This is a great development for Soxaholix. I'm falling in love all over again...

H.B.: "My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."

Soxaholix Gang: "Gol' darnit, Mr. H.B., you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore."

(With a tip o' the bowler to Mel Brooks...)

This is pretty cool, h.b.

//Soxaholix Gang: "Gol' darnit, Mr. H.B., you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore." //

HB types with his tongue? Wow, now that is impressive.

COD - Not only that, but he can lick his eyebrows, much to the delight of all the ladies out there. :-D

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