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It's early yet



Overheard in the Tamba Bay dugout: "Boof, It's What's for Dinner."



It's a good thing you can nevah have too much pitching.


Or too much tofu.



when I saw the first panel I thought the whole strip would be done with Captcha words.

Forget Boog Bourguignonne. He was more like Boof Tartare.

Boog. Heh. Well, he has the body type.

Teen Wolf?

Powell. But I would like to see Boof van surfing. As long as the van came to a sudden stop.

Sleepy La Boof?

h.b. 'boof: it's what's for dinner' is your first hr of the season, and we're still in spring training. well played sir.

Boof -- it's not just for breakfast anymore !!!

Boof - a silly name
Boof was not good yesterday
Boof, as in Bonser

Introducing the new Jimmy Dean Boof on a stick wrapped in mediocre pancake. Should make for a great Sea Dog special game night. Free to the first 100.

Apparently Boof tried his hand at blogging not too long ago. Ready to get Boofed, Boofaphiles?


My bad - that's fan made. i'm disappointed, as the thought of Boof blogging about joe mauer/justin morneau slashfiction is tittilating.

sorry for the self editing fail.

Oh come on, Bob. I'm from Baltimore. Of course I know who Boog Powell is. He's that guy that sells barbecue back on Eutaw Street!

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