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Everything comes back in the Spring

I see your ilk are at it again, Callaghan. Nice real nice.


Ah, if it isn't Mahty Small Maht.


What's next, Bill? Lynching a guy in Yankees cap? That be par for the course for you redneck yahoos.


I know it'll be difficult, perhaps impossible, for the creatively challenged to comprehend, but those videos are an example of a little thing called self-parody. Perhaps you've heard of it?


Oh, really? Funny I thought it was an example of a little thing called an inferiority complex?


Hmmm, lemme see, overcompensating, that sounds familiah... oh, wait, that's right, we just use the more clinical definition — Advanced Recurring Overcompensation Disordah.


Or in the vernaculah what we tend refer to as "A-Rod" for short.



Lets get real for a second: all my NY and NJ friends talk about Boston as though it is some backwater burg full of rednecks, yet their neighbors send all of their kids to Boston for their education! The Athens of America, indeed.

Also, Stankees suck, etc.

There is nothing more American than being a fan of all things Boston, the very birthplace of our great nation. If the New Yorkers had their way we'd still be singing God Save The Queen.

I think Boston fans are the fourth estate of baseball. We call out our own when they do boneheaded things off and on the field, we appreciate great plays from all teams even those from the loathsome Yankees. All we want is to be acknoweledged that we have a pretty damn good ball team with arguably the most varied history of any American sports franchise.

It's good to see Marty, his Bakelite phone, and his pre-season arrogance. Smells like spring (fresh cow patties in the air).

I'm easy (no comments from the peanut gallery). Those ads made me laugh aloud.

Peanuts? Who has peanuts?!?

Followed that trail of ads back to youtube and ended watching that nike ad from 2004... with the time lapse family watching from the same seats. Nike is pretty awful but thats a great ad.

Okay, I'm no hockey expert, but explain to me how some punk can take out our best player with a cheap shot, and then skate off the ice at the end of the game unscathed??? Am I missing something here? Are the Bruins practicing non-violent civil disobedience or something...

Oh, and Viva el Che!!!

The giant wang on Pat Patriot, I can understand...but the cutoff jean shorts with hiking boots? Really?!?

Also one thing makes New York suck more than Boston or anything else right now:

Wall Street.

Clean up your own, for America. Then you can get back to the funtime rivalry stuff. Ok? Thanks. I'll just wait over here.

I live around redneck yahoos, I work with redneck yahoos. You, Boston fan, are no redneck yahoo.

But I suppose to most NYC denizens, that's how they see the rest of our great land.

I have always enjoyed that little something extra I get, that special pride, simply being a Redsox fan, in being the inflamed hemmoroid on the bunghole that is all Yankee fans. Gross? perhaps. But no matter what they do, how they complain, squirm, or try to block it all out, win or lose, I ain't going away and I ain't giving them any comfort or respect. I AM the pain in their ass.

born, raised, and residing in New Jersey, eternally surrounded by Yankee fans. Even my sister is one. One of the major reasons I'm a Sox fan.

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