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Shhhh... it's Mahch so he probably thought it was a WBC game.


Sigh, remembah the halcyon days when we were thinking up Japanese sci-fi monstah names for soon to be unanimous Cy Young winnah Dice-K?


Yeah, it's been quite awhile since the moniker Mothra was applied to Matsuzaka, eh?


Seriously. Giant lepidopteran? Ah, not so much.


Giant Jelly Donut? Ok. That's works.


Mmmm.... bean curd.



When I lived in Hawaii, I had azuki paste fairly often. Tastes like sweet beans. Which is what it is. The islands' love of Spam is well-documented, and something they didn't have to convince me to try. Mmmm, SPiced hAM that's actually pork shoulder (and snouts, I'm sure).

Anyway, I hear Dice-Mothra is out for the first two weeks of the season. And yet, we still have too much pitching.

Mothra on the mound
We're getting what we paid for
Sigh, it's only March

Maybe he's still not used to all of our customs yet. Did anyone in Florida explain to him that the Groundhog does NOT have any effect on the baseball season?

I mean, I know it looks like a mini-scrotumed tanuki, but Punxsutawny Phil is not a national good luck charm or anything.

BTW, h.b., I'm having issues posting to the comments today. If I hit the Post button directly, it tells me "page not found at Typepad".

If I hit Preview first, THEN the "Post" link that comes up under the preview, it goes through.

I laughed out loud at the second panel, h.b. Thanks.

I thought your strip might have involved the furor CHB caused in Kentuck with Wednesday's article. Hatred for CHB. It's not just for Boston anymore !!!

Spam, spam, spam, spam, Spam spam, spam , spam...Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Pre-season AFL report:

Collingwood's first game tomorrow. Verson the dreaded Bulldogs that once were Footscray:



the full doughnut version of an azuki-filled pastry is commmonly known as an anpan. though i prefer the smaller version called manju. the dough seems lighter and flakier. that being said, Daisuke "manju"saka has a nice ring to it.


Yeah baby!

Gonna wear my hat today, SDU.

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