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Sandra Bullock wins a best actress Oscar? Who woulda thunk it.


Chick was looking good, too, really good in that dress.


Of course, that is not to say that we are not in a pretty terrific place these days with regahd to pitching.


Six stahtahs and then guys like Casey showing future promise? Humana humana humana.


And there's hope on signing Beckett on for more.


Gotta love this line: "a Beckett-Lackey-Lester threesome has a Maddux-Glavine-Smoltz feel to it."


Two things you can nevah have enough off, and they both begin with a "p."



It's all about pitching and catching, eh, H.B.?


Nice. Last panel even works for us ladies, if one thinks the technical term and not the base vernacular. :)
You guys, I miss live baseball in my daily life SO much, it's a physical pain- and clearly causing me to hallucinate. I was walking out of work last week, and I saw a green field and tiny men on the screen of a TV in the pub across the street. My heart skipped a beat, a smile spread across my face, and I started walking entranced to the pub entrance, until I snapped out of it. I was not in America, baseball is practically unheard of, and those little men were quite clearly rugby players. Soul-killing. 6 more months and I never have to deal with that crushing disappointment again! It won't even suck that in NYC it'll be all Yankees all the time, that's how desperate I am.

Pitching and pedophilia?

No, wait, that's probably not right...forget I said that.

Pitching and pasta, specifically the spaghetti carbonara at Venezia in Dohchestah.

Pitching and Plagiarism, which is why we'll all use HB's closing panel line in conversation this week and pass it off as our own to all the mouthbreathers who don't read Soxaholix.

Pretzels and potato chips, baby.


Pitching and Pabst.

pork and pie

Hate to "P" in everyone morning coffee but those Braves pitchers only won 1 WS title. We are hoping for a few more than that...

And so another season of trash-talkin' the Wankees begins:


Hey Natalie.

Big Hands, big ...

Oh Rob.... Speaking of humana humana humana! Now going to my happy place....

Phenomenal thought.

Also thought it was worth pointing out that Sandra Bullock has the dubious honor of being the only person to ever win a Razzie AND an Oscar in the same weekend.

No man has ever broken 100 in the SPARQ baseball ability ratings where a 30-yard sprint, 20-yard shuttle relay, vertical leap, and 3kg cross-body powerball toss are rated by percentile.

That is...no man until Jacoby Ellsbury set a record 102.31!!

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