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Climbing up the spout

The Home Openah, against the Yankees, no less, is only days away...


What's not to like?


Ah, the rain?


Yeah, there is that.


I've heard of the lady April bringing in the daffodils,  Bringing the springing grass and the soft warm April rain...


But nobody told me about this lady Mahch bringing torrents and forcing people out of their homes on boats.


Lady Mahch is a bitch.


A bikah bitch cranked on meth.



The clearing begins
Clouds part to make way for sun
Red Sox pitching shines.

A) Opening "Night" sucks. It's even going to be a good day...but the game won't start until it's 8 PM, dark, and getting cold again.

B) Easter Sunday?? Half of the damn bars in Fenway won't even be open!? What the flying hell??

C) DIVISION RIVAL!? Our first game will be against our biggest division rival?! Who plans these things? When we're 0.5 games back at the end of September and we can look back to this coin flip of a game because it was the earliest point in the season as possible to play such a critical game...we will all cry "SELIG!!!".

D) At least they aren't playing the game in Kandahar or something this year. So, we got that going for us.

Honestly, the Red Sox should (almost) never open at home. We only get 81 of these dates, and we'd rather have them when it's warm enough to enjoy! Baltimore, TB, Texas, LAAAAAA should be hosting opening series practically every year.

MLB thinking with its dick again. Wait, I mean wallet. But it doesn't really make much sense... People are thinking about basketball right now anyway. Sure, the die-hards will be watching, but they would be watching anyway. The rest of the country is going to let out a collective yawn at the idea of getting excited about baseball on April 4.

This Mahch has been like an overweight, naked bikah bitch cranked on meth with a gun.

And as far as opening the season vs. the Skanks, I always find Sox/Yankees games stressful and the first game of the seadon should be fun, not stressful. Plus, they always take at least 4 hours. Ugh !!! And I agree with you, Chops, about the first series or two being in warmer climates. I'm going to the second game on Tuesday, which at least starts at 7:10. I hope it's mild that night.

You people are out of your minds; it's fantastic to open the season against the Yankees. It is a bit obscene that they moved it into a Sunday night game instead of a weekday afternoon; that's never been done at Fenway in history and it's just ESPN and MLB trying to make some bucks, because, you know, tickets aren't ridiculously expensive already.

Baseball?! Baseball?! Already??

We are still skiing out here in Colorado.

I will be watching the Sox lose 3-2 on Sunday night however.

Opening Night? I am not a fan of this. Baseball is as much a tradition as it is a sport. It is a pastime - an activity to occupy one's spare time pleasantly. I do not have spare time at 11:30pm on Sunday night. I make spare time on a workday Monday afternoon for OPENING DAY.

Tradition is why this sport has lasted as long as it has. You keep certain things the same - opening DAY, 3 days off at the break, season ends in September, October baseball, spring training in warm climates, flat beer for too much money, balls get called strikes, strikes balls, and managers get tossed after a respectable amount of time has been given their point. You keep this stuff the same for a reason - so that we fans can all debate, argue, and fight about the rest of it without concern for the game going anywhere. Love/hate the DH, small ball, juiced balls, steroid balls, yankees suck red sox suck, salaries too high, bad stadiums, good stadiums, pink hat brigades, bad umpires, overrated pitchers, overrated shortstops, overrated managers, anyone can buy a championship... we can argue all of this with gusto knowing full well that Opening DAY will come again and we'll get 'em next year.

Is this really the cost of being a popular national team? Opening Days on the wrong half of the world and the wrong half of the clock?

Damnit MLB, take care of the basic product. It sells itself and has done so for longer than any other sport in the country. Stop trying to compete for numbers with football and NASCAR - that is an idiots battle.

And I am a fan of Yanks/Sox to start a season. If these two teams are going to continue to dominate the division and be the top few in the league, they should not only play first but also close the season with each other. Rivalries, tradition. This isn't some bullshit opponent for an easy football homecoming win for the masses. This is game 1 of 162+ and it should reflect the tradition of the sport, the rivalry, our national pastime. AND IT SHOULD BE IN THE DAY.


probably no one reading this creepy site now, but...

Here's the thing - the Sox-skanks game isn't even ESPN's lead show - it's on ESPN 2 - because ESPN is carrying the Women's BBall national semifinal games. Let's see - game 1 of 19 vs. the mfy, or my alma mater in the national semifinal - easy choice for me.

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